Saturday, November 26, 2005

Hunger Strike - Day Three

(If you are not familiar with the events leading up to this hunger strike please click on this link to go to the article, “Hunger Strike – Day One”, before reading this update.)

I want to make it clear that I support our Democratic Party, but they need to bring back their politicians to rehab clinics and withdraw from Congress and the Senate. The American people are behind me.

In a bipartisan show of support the Republican National Committee has prepared special OD kits for the Democrats to help them in case of an overdose. The kits include stomach pumps, doses of the life saving drug naloxone and copies of the Wall Street Journal.

If you see a Democrat convulsing while raving about alleged Republican injustices please lay them down on the ground in a safe area. Cushion the Democrat’s head, loosen any tight clothing and turn the person on his or her side. Drug addiction is a disease so let’s have compassion for our suffering brothers and sisters from the Democratic Party.

Meanwhile my hunger strike protesting the NY Times continues. After several days of living on nothing but razzles I am starting to feel the effects. I don’t know if it is from hunger or the razzles, but it's mostly likely both. I have to ask, is it possible to see a mirage if you are not in the desert? Today I spent 2 or 3 hours standing on my coffee table because I thought my carpet was the ocean. This hunger strike is going to be harder than I expected.


nanc said...

it's you and me fern. i'm here to talk you down. sorry, i had one of my granddaughters over and nanc-pop, nanc-son, nanc-daughter had an enormous gingerbread house to build, which i had to supervise. of course i was also in charge of the blueprints, purchasing, foundation, landscaping - i know how to decorate!!! you know that from my sincere decorations of your posts.

the house turned out quite yummy - a house even habitat for humanity would endorse - the building materials would feed an entire third world country for one solid month. there was no harming of trees or animals in the making of the house. it is entirely of sugary materials, with a little help from the glue gun!

oh, martha stewart wannabes would be proud - the cost of the house was $12.99. well worth the expense as it kept my family busy for three solid hours. looovvvvvvve it.

blueprints will be available at my blog next holiday season for a mere $49.95. all houses are edible, yet have no nutritional value whatsoever for those who want to fast from thanksgiving through the new year. stables, barns and outbuildings will keep a person going through valentine's day!!!

nanc said...

p.s. i will trade a complete set of plans for one of those hats!

Freedomnow said...


The hats are available from the Devo website:

At this time Gingerbread houses sound way to tempting. As a matter of fact even menudo sounds good.

Thank goodness I am a man of principals.

nanc said...

get rid of the carpet! i'd hate to see you take a nosedive into that unless you have extra padding beneath it. that would be the equivalent to bashing in your own nose to spite your hatred of nitwits. repeat after me: "not all people choose to be stoopid, not all people choose to be stoopid, not all people choose to be stoopid........."

nanc said...

p.s. please eat SOMETHING, you're starting to look like gandhi for crying out loud.

Mad Zionist said...

I think you've lost it, man. BTW, a hunger strike means never letting yourself get hungry. Time to stuff your face...