Saturday, November 26, 2005

Democrat’s Culture of Hysteria

The Democratic Party is up in arms and making wild claims of Republican attacks on them. I visited their website today and I was horrified at the frothing attacks against the Republican Party that stains their own site.

Last week Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev) criticized Cheney’s speech to the Frontiers of Freedom Institute saying “…we have the Vice President of the United States playing politics like he’s in the middle of a presidential campaign.” But take a look at the Democrat Party’s website. It is overwhelmingly dedicated to attacking the Republican Party as if we were in the middle of a highly bitter presidential campaign.

Karl Rove can’t even cancel a fundraiser without it being sited as evidence of alleged corruption. And get this, they are still using the Katrina disaster as a front for their criticism. What kind of drugs are they on?

(You can use the link above or you can click on the picture below. If you click on the picture you can move your cursor over the lower right-hand corner and a button will pop up. You can click on the button to expand the image to a readable size. I provided screen prints because the websites will be updated and changed.)

Now look at the Republican Party’s website. There is almost a complete absence of attacks on the Democratic Party. I am not a Republican, but I can clearly see that this is a website of a positive political party. This is in stark contrast to a cynical Democratic Party that ignores the best interests of the American and Iraqi people in their raw pursuit of power.


tazzmax said...

Hey, Freedomnow, as long as I can remember, the democrats have been this way. That is why I've been against them from day one when I realized what politics was about.
As far as I'm concerned, all they have ever preached are lies and false entitlements to get the poor and minority vote. They have created a dependency mentality amoung the illiterate and lazy do-nothings who think they deserve entitlements and now think the country owes them a living.
Without this, the demo-rats are an empty shell and they are EVIL because they play on the emotions of a segment of society who do not care about the welfare of the country and only care about what they can get from the working tax-payer of America.
The demo-rat party is nothing more than the communist party of America.

Freedomnow said...

Well thats a bit stronger than what I feel. I do feel that they have no policy but to oppose Bush and the Iraqi people are suffering for it...

nanc said...

i lost your e-m address or i would tell you of a lolapalooza of a leftwingnut story that will make you laugh and cry, not necessarily in that order - and it comes from my own family archives.

demonrats - the u.s. best wmd's - of course we implode from within...