Monday, November 28, 2005

Saddam Hussein Triumphant

A former dictator enjoys the spotlight while he can.

Human Shields Come To Rescue Saddam Hussein, 2003

Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has a new lawyer; prominent anti-war critic and faithful supporter, Ramsey Clark. They are old friends. Clark went to visit Saddam twice around the time of the first Gulf War. In 1998 Clark went back to Iraq and guess what he went there for? He was the keynote speaker at the Baghdad Symposium on Human Rights. Would you care to guess who sponsored this event? Who else, Saddam Hussein!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t make this stuff up myself. Clark declared that it was “the most solemn time to stand with the Iraqi people, who, on the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, are the greatest victims of its violation in its history.” As Baathist troops were filling mass graves with the bodies of Kurds and Shi’ites, Clark had the nerve to come to Iraq to support Saddam’s regime in the name of human rights!

To their credit, some anti-war activists have been dismayed at the connection between Clark and Saddam’s regime. So in some cases they have become harsh critics against him. However, the connection is clear. Ramsey Clark has helped set up or been a leader of some of America’s largest anti-war groups. Including ANSWER, the International Action Center and of course the Workers World Party.

Support for Saddam’s regime doesn’t stop there. In 1991 as the world was poised to expel Saddam Hussein from Kuwait, Baathist troops rounded up over 800 foreign citizens to use as human shields. Saddam's regime placed these hostages in about 70 sites of strategic importance in Iraq and Kuwait. When coalition troops were assembled to finish the job in 2003, Saddam didn't have many foreign citizens to round up. Enter Kenneth O’Keefe and his debacle, "The Human Shield Action to Iraq". He gathered up to 500 volunteers from all over the world to serve as human shields for Saddam's regime. I think it was very considerate of them to help the dictator replace the hostages used in 1991. That way Saddam didn't have to waste time rounding up scarce foreigners.

Since protesters are so eager to help anti-American human rights violators, I have an idea. Perhaps in the name of peace we can behead volunteers in the place of Iraqi and foreign civilians. That would give peace activists the ultimate orgasm because counter-protesters wouldn’t be able to label Iraqi insurgents as “terrorists” anymore. After all, the victims would be willing!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, this morning Saddam Hussein strutted into an Iraqi courtroom like he owned the place. His lecturing of the Chief Judge, Rizgar Mohammed Amin, shows that Saddam is very confident and optimistic about his fate. Where does this optimism come from? First off, he feels contempt for the weakness of the Americans. Under Saddam’s brand of justice a defendant is lucky to get into a courtroom at all. Here Saddam is well treated and in a position to continually make demands from his captors. I am not saying that it is wrong for him to be treated so well, I am only pointing out the absurdness of the accusations of American brutality.

In his role as a victim, Saddam complained that he had to walk up four flights of stairs in shackles and was accompanied by “foreign guards” because the elevator was out of service. This enabled him to extract a promise from the Chief Judge that it wouldn’t happen again. After a lecture from Saddam on how to conduct his court, Judge Amin was then prodded into giving Saddam a pen and paper to replace some stationery that was confiscated from him earlier. Saddam is running the table like a pool shark hustling some kids at a teen recreation center.

Thanks to the support of westerners like Ramsey Clark and George Galloway, Saddam feels that he can actually win his court case. His defense strategy is not relying on refuting the overwhelming evidence, instead he relies on attacking the legitimacy of the court and the US occupation. For that he knows that he has the world’s Islamists and Leftists behind him. He feels that he is the puppet master pulling the strings.

As he has done before, Saddam walked into the courtroom brandishing a Koran. It’s ironic that he quoted a verse from it which reminds believers that God knows who actually participated in Jihad or Holy War. This is the man who created the Fedayeen Saddam to wage the current brutal insurgency. A man who built great mosques so he could bribe the good will of religious leaders (this was done with money that should have been spent to feed hungry Iraqis). And here is a dictator that began the first wave of suicide bombings in Iraq. After which Saddam’s Vice President Taha Yassin Ramadan announced; "We will use any means to kill our enemy in our land and we will follow the enemy into its land. This is just the beginning. You’ll hear more pleasant news later". The Iraqi soldier who committed the first suicide bombing of the Iraq War emulated the ritual of terrorists from the Palestinian group Hamas, kissing the Koran before getting into his booby-trapped car. Meanwhile, western liberals deny Saddam’s manipulation of Islamic fundamentalism because of his former secular background. This is the pattern of lies that Saddam is counting on. The peace movement is always pro-war when it is against America.


nanc said...

i'm glad you're back and chipper - i knew if we planted the right stuff in the news, you would find a reason to live again! if i had an interactive t.v. i would have reached into it yesterday and given saddam "what for". what a prima donna.

how everyone around him is dropping like flies amazes me that we still must share the atmosphere with him.

some people deserve a fair trial and some people deserve to choke to death on something slipped into their food unbeknownst to them. it is probably a very good thing nanc is not in charge of his cuisine. G-d forgive me, but i was thinking of ways to slip him a poisoned gingerbread house. i pray my constitutional rights guarantee my right to say that!

Freedomnow said...


Democracy is very fragile in the short-term (especially in the face of fascism), but it is really a long-term investment for stability. Iraqis are now exercising the rule of law with the due process necessary to build a just legal system. That has never been done before and it will empower Iraqis who desire a strong democracy.

While Hussein is scoring small victories, he is making a huge mistake. As people like George Galloway giggle with glee, the evidence will mount. Hussein’s lack of remorse in the face of the compelling case against him will cause his support to diminish, even among the Sunnis.

nanc said...

democracy is just about the best of the worst 'ocracies. i've heard somewhere it was made for a "G-d fearing" people. it cannot work for any others. what does that leave freedomnow? i ask myself why people cannot govern themselves, sometimes on a daily basis - i realize why not when i see people like saddam, kim jong il, bill clinton, et al. just looking for answers in a questionable world as i know you are.

did you have a thanksgiving? crumbs in the carpet perhaps? have a day freedomnow.

Freedomnow said...

I dont think that Democracy is the best that humanity can do, but it is the best form of government that we have ever had.

Nobody is perfect so naturally our government reflects that.

Americans and Europeans are not the master race. We have our imperfections like everyone else.

When an individual says that "some people cant govern themselves" its just a good excuse to enslave some third world peasants.

...Marxism, its fun for the whole Gulag!!!!!!!!!

nanc said...

those peasants would be better left alone. but i hear what you're saying. sometimes we see something good and want to ruin it with our thought process. like people who marry with the intention of changing the other. the rebellion that ensues is heartwrenching. my husband, who is as wise as he is handsome, says, "what women fail to understand is that men do not change, what you see is what you get. and until women realize that, there will not be happiness in the world."

do you suppose women could be the reason behind the bad choices men make? ...the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world...

i know you are an athiest, but i'm sure you've heard the story of adam and eve? do you believe, if true or not, all this madness in the world could have started there?

i do appreciate your point of view, fern.

Freedomnow said...

As individuals we all do what we feel is in our best interests. Man or woman...

The problem is when a man or woman doesnt view his or her relationship as a team effort.

On a wider scale many people dont think of the human race as a part of their team and become Baathist dictators...

John Echeverria said...

I'm sorry. I understand your support for freedom abroad, but your baseless and scurolous attacks on the Democratic Party are wanting of fact and substantiation.

Why don't you just be honest and admit that you support the Republican Party?

nanc said...

i don't believe we all do what is in the best interest of ourselves. my firm belief is when we do what is in the best interests of others, our own lives fall into place. the old adage "do unto others..." if everyone practiced that, the world would not have dictators or people with the desire to supercede others.

i realize that sounds idealistic, but have found in my own escapades it works. of course, at times it has taken a while for the feeling to make full circle. look how patient you are with me, for crying out loud! my own family thinks i am the largest force to be reckoned with, yet believe i am wonderful on the other hand.

heeeyyyyyyy - you don't think they are just humoring me, dooo youuuu?

nanc said...

well, well, well, another john. i believe, but am not sure, but think freedomnow is a "decline to state" as am i. what difference does it make whether republican or democrat. principles are what matters you little snotnosed squirt. so, you're going to law school - probably have your eye on the defense i'd bet. having worked for and alongside district attorney's for a number of years i recognize that trait.

Freedomnow said...

Come on John you can do better than something petty like that. Of course I support the Bush administration in Iraq and I have a healthy skepticism of Socialists.

However, I don’t have much else in common with Republicans.

I am an atheist, I am pro abortion, pro immigration, pro gay marriage and I have no problem with taxes or big government. Hell, I liked Bill Clinton as a President more than W. As a matter of fact, I feel that they are both the victims of witch hunts by their opposition.

I have always felt that Republicans have a right to their views even though they do not line up with my own or my liberal friends. That is called tolerance.

Freedomnow said...


Life is so complex, because each individual has their own perspective, but reality only has one (and we only see pieces of it).

I believe everyone tries to pursue their own best interests or the best interests of the team (family, friends, human race, etc...). There are cases where people do things that are self destructive because they have either misread the situation or self-defense mechanisms kick in. This jump starts the primitive part of the brain when you should be using your intellect. Learned behavior and a host of other factors can also apply.

Anyways, your thoughts are sound, but remember that nothing is guaranteed in life. Even if you play by the rules…