Thursday, January 12, 2006

To Hell with Politics

Samuel Alito ye hath been accused of entering a compact with the devil, how doth ye plead?

Although I support the War on Terror, my political resemblance to conservative Republicans stops there. If you take the time to examine my personal beliefs you will find that they place me firmly in the atheist and pro-choice liberal camp. However, when I look around the campfire to see what my comrades are doing I am sickened to the point of outrage.

Supreme Court nominee Sam Alito has some very bitter critics in the Democratic Party. Radio Blogger is doing a fantastic job of following their McCarthy-like efforts. The partisan attacks displayed during the questioning of the Supreme Court nominee caused Alito’s wife, Martha-Ann Bomgardner, to storm out of the proceedings in tears. This has created some embarrassing publicity for the Democrats and led Senator Biden to declare, “The system’s kind of broken”.

I would like to point out that Biden’s frustration at the difficulty that a handful of Democrats are having in blocking Alito’s nomination is not an indication of a broken system. President Bush has nominated a gentleman who is stoic under extreme criticism and well qualified for the job. I am sorry for Biden and Kennedy that they can’t badger Alito into tears like his wife.

Senator Biden is beginning to wilt under the negative publicity that the Democrats have created for themselves. “The alternative” to hearings, Biden stated on NBC’s Today show, “is just to vote on the Senate floor, just go to the Senate floor and debate the nominee’s statements ... instead of this game where a nominee sits there and won’t disclose his or her views.”

From this statement and others made by the Senator it is obvious that in his opinion the strongest qualification for a Supreme Court judgeship is a nominee’s political views. Perhaps I am wrong, but I would imagine that the most important qualifications for a Supreme Court judgeship would be the nominee’s experience and ability to interpret the law. A nominee’s personal views are almost irrelevant unless it could be shown that the nominee would subjugate his judgeship to his beliefs or the nominee has extremist beliefs that are a threat to any law abiding citizen. Even a judge is entitled to have his or her own personal beliefs in a democratic society.

Anyone who keeps up with current events knows that Alito is personally opposed to abortion. The key to performing a judge’s duties is the ability to separate your own beliefs from your work. Judge Alito has shown that ability in the following cases.

1. Planned Parenthood of Central New Jersey v. Farmer, 220 F.3d 127 (3rd Cir. 2000). In this case he affirmed that a New Jersey law banning “partial-birth abortion” was unconstitutional.

2. In 1995, he voted to strike down an abortion restriction in a Pennsylvania law. Women seeking to use Medicaid funds to abort a pregnancy that resulted from rape or incest would be required to report the incident to law enforcement officials and identify the offender under this defeated restriction.

3. He ruled that the Constitution does not afford protection to the unborn in a 1997 challenge to a New Jersey law that prevents parents from suing for damages on behalf of the wrongful death of a fetus.

Meanwhile blogger, Madzionist, has been keeping track of a liberal judge in Vermont who publicly professes that he has no desire to uphold the rule of law because he claims that he no longer believes in punishment!!! Judge Edward Cashman rejected the prosecution’s requests in regards to a case involving a man convicted of raping a young girl over a four-year period, beginning when she was 7 years old. The prosecutor asked for a sentence of eight to 20 years in prison, but the judge passed a sentence of only 60 days instead.

Usually when a judge presides over a case where a defendant is pronounced guilty he or she gives the defendant a scolding lecture before pronouncing the sentence. In this case the judge decided to lecture the victim’s relatives and supporters. He told them, “The one message I want to get through is that anger doesn’t solve anything. It just corrodes your soul.” I can’t imagine the fear that the family will have when this criminal is set free after such a short period of time, but it will definitely damage their sense of security. This judge’s behavior is exactly what Alito’s critics accuse him of. Perhaps they wish to preserve the power of Liberal activist judges and they are afraid that conservatives will use the same strategy against them.

In any case, the minority partner in any government can help a democratic country achieve balance through its opposition to the party in power. However, what we have here is extreme fear mongering. From the statements made by the Democrats you would think that Bush nominated the Anti Christ to the Supreme Court. Despite Ted Kennedy’s implied accusations that Alito is a racist, not one of his peers or even many of his political opponents believes that the judge is a racist. If you have the time, take a quick trip to Daryl Cagle’s political cartoon index and marvel at the supposed danger posed by Alito’s nomination.

Many of Alito’s critics would argue that the Republicans would act in the same manner if the roles were reversed. That may be true, but two wrongs don’t make a right.

Am I the only person who is increasingly alienated by a political party that I share many beliefs with? During the Clinton Administration I was a staunch supporter of the former President for many of the same reasons that I support Bush today. However, this time the stakes are much higher and the partisan politics are much more self destructive. Hell, I used to think that Joe Lieberman was too conservative and now he is one of the few Democrats that I am pleased with. I just cannot support the Democratic Party’s campaign of fear mongering.


GUYK said...

I can't support the democratic party on anything. The party swung from its roots with FRD. Harry Truman tried to take it back to the party Of Jackson but the socialists took over and the democratic party now is not even a shadow of what it once stood for-the people.

The republican party, the party of Lincoln, has also evolved into not even a shadow of its old self. I cannot support either although I will vote republican before I will vote for the socialist democrats.

I am hoping that the New Federalists and Neo libertarians can regain control of the republican party before it is too late.

Freedomnow said...

Thats an interesting point of view.

My alliance with Republicans is the result of my anti-fascist convictions and believe it or not my opposition to religious extremism!!!!!!! I think its funny because Republicans are accused of being religious fanatics.

The truth is that Jehovah Witnesses are much more fanatic than Republicans and Islamists are the worst on the planet.

Democrats push this Republican/Christian extremist propaganda and its all a bunch of crap.

nanc said...

excellent article fern. goes to show we cannot all agree on everything. as far as jehovah witnesses go - they are a cult. my husband grew up in a witness family and how they have skewed the bible is blasphemous. he has since come into the light so to speak.

as you already know, i grew up in a far left home, still is to this day. never understood it then and cannot understand the left now.

alito has a much better chance today than he did a week ago that's for sure. lindsay graham did him justice in his apology for the way the proceedings went. i, for one, could not watch my husband be grilled like that without wanting to harm someone. tears do not come easy to me - i probably would have taken a chair to teddy's head!

have a great weekend as i know you will!

Freedomnow said...

The thing is Nanc, you are not a member of the Far Right. You are rightwing, its true, but Neo Nazis and Palaeo-conservatives occupy the far right.

The Left is just a lying propaganda machine.

nanc said...

well, i agree wholeheartedly with you there - besides doesn't the far right and the far left meet up somewhere? they are both dangerous.

i thought i came up with this on my own, but when i put the word "theophobe" into google search, this is what i came up with:

fern, you are going to love the photo - the text is okay, but keep your eye on the guy - at first i thought i was losing what was left of my mind and then i didn't and then i did again and...well...just go see it for yourself! this is hilarious. and, btw i DON'T consider you a theophobe, but i do run into them every once in awhile.

you aren't afraid of nanc are you? fern?

Freedomnow said...


Christians are everywhere. Why do they have to be Christian? That is so arrogant! They should be more tolerant like Muslims are.

Please come to the next International Solidarity Movement meeting, where we will coordinate our agenda with peace loving terrorist organizations. What fun!

Seriously though, that picture of Bubba is scary. Be afraid Nanc, very afraid...

nanc said...

i ain't afeared of nobody named "bubba" - quite funny though you must admit.

christians must be christians because of the absolutes imposed - we like it that way. this way, there are NO gray areas. we don't have to be tolerant if tolerance is not called for. patience although appears to be a virtue!

i can't rightly 'splain it to you lucy - especially in light of the limited time i have today.

eeeeeks! i do believe there will be several 13 year old girls here for the evening - oh my! of course that ALWAYS makes our 14 year old son happy - even though they are meaner than cat crap to him. what is it with you guys and girls who are mean to you?

i think i'd bookmark bubba if i knew how to bookmark - haaaaa! my bookmarks come in the form of post-it-notes stuck everywhere. i shall use him and use him until he stops looking at me like that!

Mad Zionist said...


You're doing a great job with these photos. Great stuff. I think you've really found a nice niche as a blogger.


Freedomnow said...


Thanks for your heads up on Judge Cashman, that fits in really well with the big picture on this issue.


My point is that Leftists often have shared truths amongst each other that are way out of line. The way most people share values that racism is an anti-social form of behavior, Leftists feel that just the existence of Christianity is an offensive crime. However, in their view Islam is some sort of cozy ethnic culture to be promoted and nourished.

P.S. I would have some advise for your son, but you'd probably be pissed at me for suggesting them. Good luck with the slumber party.

nanc said...

fern - oh, i understand what you're saying about the intolerance - don't think my dander isn't raised when the virtues of islam are being taught in public schools and christianity is thought to be just a tad below leprosy. the contradictions are only too blatant.

and i'm with madze as far as your site goes - it's truly the best of its kind. you are as fair as madze and i appreciate that in ANYONE

my husband already calls our son "oedipus" because he is a mama's boy - it is a great thing to have such a son. i have a feeling about your suggestions, but i'm thinking he just needs a kiss or seven! he is a big kid - 5'10" 160+-# and sooooo good looking - one girl who is sweet on him and he on her is wayyyyy tooooo old. and that is his father's fault!

Freedomnow said...

Oh good, he's tall. That is all he needs. For many women thats their only criteria. Now I dont have to teach him any of my dirty tricks...

Caesarea said...

Freedom Now ...

I have linked to your site.


nanc said...

mr. elcee - you seem to be everywhere i go today, staying just one step ahead or behind - ALRIGHT, where is the camera? tell me now, or i'm taking off my clothes!!!

Caesarea said...

The Camera is located just beneath your Winston Churchill portrait ... look carefully ... see the gem-like stone in the center of the picture frame?

nanc said...

are you sure it's not the reagan photo? there you are and now i put this upstairs with the children - aha! that'll teach you!

Freedomnow said...

Thanks for linking me Michael (Mr. Elcee)

I linked you too

Nanc, I hope you are decent when you read this comment.

You are a motion picture star!!!

kev said...

Freedom: Sounds to me like you're aligned with the right party. The democratic party that my father espoused would today be considered conservative. I'm a Republican and as conservative as one can be, short of fanaticism. My beliefs don't hold that everyone has to agree with me, or be of my religion, or even be of any religion. After all, isn't this what this country is supposed to be all about? If you listen to kennedy, shumer, pelosi, and their ultra-left supporters, if you don't march in lockstep with them, you're wrong and subject to ridicule and smearing. Yes, we have a few of those too, but I believe they are in the minority. What really counts is that what we can't agree on must either be tolerated by one another or decided fairly in a court of law, making it the law of the land.

Freedomnow said...

You are right Kev, I do align with Republicans except on issues like drug legalization, religious values, abortion, homosexuality, gun control, taxes, federalism and socialized medicine.

Actually, I find myself in complete agreement with everything Bush says most of the time. Sometimes even when it contradicts my beliefs.

There are few absolute truths in this world.

Anyways, the number one issue in my mind is the defeat of al Qaeda and Baathists. The Democratic Party does not represent me on this very important issue.

Alito's values do not match up to mine but there is ample evidence that he will rule as impartially as humanly possible while on the bench. The uproar over his membership in CAP is silly. He was only a member for its 1st year of existence (in his last year of college). Every quote of the CAP thrown at Alito was made after he left the group. There are no written records available from the group that show Alito was a member. Revealing that he wasnt very active in the group. That was over 30 years ago. His critics have nothing of substance to block Alito's nomination. Its just desperate partisan BS...

nanc said...

fern, i am ALWAYS if nothing else, decent beyond belief - have my fans arrived?

sure hope mr. elcee enjoyed tending to the children for the evening...wonder how much we owe him?

nanc said...

um, fern - not to be condescending or demanding, but could you put down the FEW absolute truths in this world for me so i will know what they are? i feel there are more absolutes than not and before responding, i'd just like to know what they are. or, if you say, "drop it!" i will. you are the boss here :{

Freedomnow said...

I absolutely hate waking up in the morning.

I absolutely hate commuting.

I absolutely hate mornings

I absolutely love holidays when I am given time off.

I absolutely despise mornings

Is that absolute enough for you? I am not pissed off this morning or under the weather, I am oppressed by capitalism and neo-con imperialism. How come George Bush doesnt have a plan to make my morning more pleasant? Bastard!!!!

nanc said...

i absolutely positively hate negativity!

i absolutely love waking the roosters up in the morning so they may start crowing.

i absolutely hate sleeping.

i am absolutely sure you are in a very bad mood today!

i am absolutely negatively positive john kerry would have had a better plan for your morning - IF you'd wait just a while longer for it to formulate!

nanc said...

p.s. CRAB!

kuhnkat said...


He DOES have a plan to make your morning better. ENLIST!!!!!

nanc said...

evening kuhnkat - he's probably a crabby old fart and far to aged to enlist at this late date! probably planning his retirement as we speak.

how have you been? yawkimaw doing you a-okay? i remember how cold it used to be at this time of year - husband used to work in ellensburg quite a bit. did the plumbing in most of the custom homes you see on the sides of hills around you. pretty plumbing too - shame they had to cover it up with walls!

Freedomnow said...

Yup thats right I iz too old to enlist, but dont you worry I'm not to old to complain.

Hell, I come home to cook myself a nice hot meal and the damn thing burns. You know who's fault that is, dont ya? George W. Bush, that's who!

What we need is a Cuban style revolution and we will never have to suffer from burnt food again. I promise you that Castro will cook every night for us if we revolt now!

nanc said...

i will eat nothing then. if castro cooks i say it should be him that cooks - no really - castro overdone sounds tasty to me!

still a crab!

Freedomnow said...

Ah Haaaa!!! The rare blue-bellied Neocon Cannibal bird. Sightings are rare but they are known to frequent book burnings and seedy blogs like this one.

nanc said...

this is a seedy blog? :{

Freedomnow said...

The birds love seeds