Sunday, January 22, 2006

Match the Hate Contest

It has been suggested that the recent public celebrations by the Palestinians to cheer the illness of former Israeli Prime Minister Sharon are somehow understandable and equivalent to the joy of rightwingers at the death of Arafat. Even if that was true it wouldn't explain the Palestinian celebrations of 9/11. In any case, there is no moral equivalence between the hate displayed by the Palestinians and that of US conservatives or Israelis.

There were no massive celebrations in the streets of Israel or the USA when Arafat died.

Even when Hussein's regime fell there were no celebrations in the streets of the USA.

The Palestinians are hopelessly lost in the moral decay of organized bigotry, as is much of the Islamic world. Hence, the power that terrorists have been able to yield for far too long.

To claim moral equivalence is a denial of fact that the Palestinian people are mobilized in an organized campaign of bigotry.

I have a little game for you. Below are pictures of Palestinians cheering:

1. The Intifada
2. Sharon’s illness
3. 9/11

Go ahead and guess which is which, I will post the answers in the comments section in a couple of days:

Picture A

Picture B

Picture C

Good luck, the grand prize winner earns my respect...


Freedomnow said...

I am sorry that I didnt post the source for the statement made at the beginning of the article.

The reason the source wasn't noted is because one of the pictures shown the Match the Hate Contest is from that source and I dont want to give away the answers.

There is too much riding on this contest...

nanc said...

you also forgot a

d) none of the above

e) all of the above

welcome back!

nanc said...

b) 1

a) 2

c) 3

Freedomnow said...


You get extra credit for d) and e)

Thanks for the warm welcome. I seem to have a bit of a social life now and dont have much time for posting. I will try to make smaller posts like this one so I can get out there more often.

nanc said...

that is GREAT! just be very, very careful - sorry, that's the nancmom in me.

Freedomnow said...

awww mom, can I get some hookers and a fifth of Jack tonite? Pwetty pleaze?

I promise to wear socks.

nanc said...

what about clean underwear? are you going to need more than two socks? you are restricted when you get back home!

Freedomnow said...

You know that underwear causes cancer.

Putting me on restriction is equivalent to torturing political prisoners, I protest!!!!!!!

Michael said...

The Paleostinians are a sickening people.

nanc said...

go ahead and protest all you want you little brat! just make sure you get those socks on the correct feet...;}

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

01 24 06

Wow this is a serious post. But why do people always make statements like this about Palestentians? It is almost as though the history of the region has been ignored and their plight unseen. I am afraid of destabilization in the middle east in the worst way and am saddened that anyone would celebrate someone's damned near death experience. But at the same time, there is a lot we don't know. I have become increasingly distrustful of the MSM. And who is to say those pics are propaganda pics or something? Freedomnow, good post and yeah sometimes I play devil's advocate, but in this case I am so conflicted. I am angry at both sides for perpetuating hatred, to be honest. Good post!

Freedomnow said...

I can certainly see how you can be conflicted. Terrorists are much better propagandists than terrorists (otherwise, Israel would have been butchered to the point of subjugation a long time ago).

Please remember that Arafat denounced terrorism while he financed the military wing of his Fatah party, who are involved in terrorist attacks against Israel.

The entire Muslim world is mobilized in a war of aggression against Israel and they are struggling to find a way to direct that hatred towards the US. So far they are having only mixed results. This is thanks to their indebtedness to Western Liberals for their support of the Intifada.