Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bolivian Enlightenment

Former coca farmer Evo Morales wears a crown of bread for good luck at his Presidential inauguration.

Would you want this man to be your President?!!!

Bolivian President Morales is a close ally of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. I sincerely hope that Morales doesn’t follow the same tactics as Chavez who uses his country’s vast oil wealth to bribe the support of his people. The thought of Morales using cocaine for such purposes is not comforting (or for any other purposes either).

So far Chavez and Morales have pursued a policy of brinksmanship with the United States. However, in recent years the US has shown little interest to interfere with the internal affairs of Latin American countries due to the encouraging signs of democratization throughout the region.

Socialists have gained considerable power in South America through democratic means and this has created much needed stability because they have given up armed revolt. The US has shown a strong willingness to work with these Socialists despite their criticism of our country. As an example Brazilian Socialist President Luiz da Silva has become the first leader who opposed the war in Iraq to be officially received in Washington DC. President da Silva of the Brazilian Workers’ Party is noted for being accused of receiving up to $3 million in illegal campaign contributions from the government of Cuba. Despite their vast political differences, Bush and da Silva have forged an excellent working relationship and a personal fondness for one another. Revealing the false perceptions of Bush that is held by Leftists.

Peace activists should be alarmed by the saber rattling conducted by Chavez and Morales, but they remain uninterested because of their strong anti-US bias.

What a Crying Shame......

Bush and da Silva in Brazil last year


nanc said...

only if he came with a tub of soft cream cheese!

Freedomnow said...

I gotta admit you have good taste! Do you have any strawberry preserves to go with that?

or as they say in the fastfood world, "would you like some fries to go with your Socialist dictator?"

nanc said...

i prefuh peach preserves since ah came to th' south.

what on earth are the little dingleberries hanging off the bagels?


nanc said...

p.s. don't you have some socializing to do? just curious. people DO date during the week and sometimes it is even more exciting than the weekend because of the limited time you have. don't fall into a slump before you've had time to create one!


Freedomnow said...

Tonite is my nite off...

The dingleberries on his head are sacred cream cheese balls to ensure fertility.

Dont you know that? I thought you were cultured...

nanc said...

cottage cheese and yogurt are cultured!

i thought they were marshmallows so we could roast him over an open fire!