Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Self Righteous Blindness

A Pro-Choice Demonstrator Exercising His Constitutional Right To Make An Idiot Out Of Himself

Sometimes things are not what they seem. Reality can be edited to fit preconceived notions that are accepted as the absolute truth. For this reason, when data is compiled scientifically the results can be quite unexpected. Take this study that defeated Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin commissioned in order to debunk the assertion that legalizing same-sex marriage could lead to legalized polygamy. The results of the study turned out to be the opposite of what Martin was hoping for. Maybe he shouldn’t have dismissed critics of same-sex marriage so easily.

In any case, homosexuals are eventually going to have legalized marriage even in the USA. It’s a matter of time. Our society is still evolving from our primitive roots to a higher state of consciousness. It will eventually lead to changes in the perception of homosexuality. On this issue I believe Liberals to be correct, but I am profoundly disturbed because they are so convinced of their moral superiority that their arrogance blinds them to honest intellectual thought.

If you take a realistic view of the big picture you will realize that homophobia is the result of humanity’s natural instincts of survival. The human race is hotwired by our survival instincts in order to ensure the preservation of the species in a harsh environment. Therefore, it is socially unacceptable to be a non-reproducing homosexual.

I can see how someone would accuse conservatives of unfair bigotry on this subject. However, such an opinion completely ignores the true motivation behind their opposition to homosexuality. If we were living in a Stone Age tribe of about two dozen primitives, it would be justified for the tribe to take measures to prevent such behavior because of its threat to the survival of the tribe. These instincts still persist because in the timeline of the evolution of our species we are not that far removed from our primitive ancestors.

Unless conservatives begin to lobby for laws making homosexuality illegal and to unfairly persecute them, I believe they have a right to object to legalized same-sex marriage. Let’s not take things out of context either. Some will claim that is exactly what conservatives are doing, but they are talking about a very small minority. Conservatives have the same right to exercise their freedom of speech that enables Joel Stein of the L.A. Times to shower scorn on our soldiers in Iraq.

The article that I linked above has an amazing quote from Brad Luna, the spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaign, who declared that he considers any linkage of polygamy to same-sex marriage as “offensive”. It is statements like this that continually alienate me from Liberals, despite the fact that I almost completely agree with them on social issues (but forget foreign policy).

In the arrogance of leftwing activism they fail to see the higher motivations behind conservative politics. Take abortion for instance. Leftists claim that conservatives are against abortion because of their hatred for women and their inclination for violating civil rights. Once again, this completely ignores the true motivation behind the Pro-Life movement. Just as the name says, they are concerned about the life in question. It appalls them to think about a fetus torn to pieces as a form of birth control. In addition, their religious conviction tells them that we have no right to play God and decide who lives or dies. This point is the cornerstone of their opposition to euthanasia. It is impossible to have an honest discussion of these issues without addressing the fact that Pro-Life activists are seeking to protect life.

Personally, I am for same-sex marriage and pro-choice, as well as a believer in compassionate euthanasia. I just think that Leftists have wildly inaccurate notions about conservatives. This has led to their activism on behalf of Islamic and Baathist fascism. They are so narrow mindedly partisan that they would ally themselves with groups that are everything they accuse Republicans of, but Republicans are not…


GUYK said...

I am a supporter of Gay rights because I figure that what people do in the privacy of their homes is none of my business.

But as a somewhat sometime historian I must point out that homosexuality was accepted by most cultures throughout history and it was only the Laws of Moses that banned it. Even such primitive cultures as the plains indians in North America homosexuality was accepted-it was not seen as normal but nevertheless accepted.

Freedomnow said...

Thats true to a point, but what you are talking about is bi-sexuality. Even in Rome and Greece (famous for such behavior) if a man displayed feminine traits it was harshly frowned upon. Especially in the Roman Republic.

Freedomnow said...

The point is that the conformist attitude against homosexuality is a result of our natural instincts of survival.

Liberals are quite willing to understand and show sympathy to Islamic terrorists who kill innocent people for their contrived notion of "oppression against Islam".

Yet they are quite zealous to scorn conservatives who object to same-sex marriage because of their objection to homosexuality that results from the basic animal instinct of survival.

What crap...