Monday, November 21, 2005

When Politics Hijacked America

So Representative John Murtha (D-PA) is calling for a withdrawal from Iraq to be completed in six months. That puts his fellow Democrats in an uncomfortable position because he is trying to force them to take a stand on the issue of US commitment to Iraq. The problem is that the memory of their defeat in the 2004 elections is still fresh in their minds. They lost the Presidency and both houses while running on a platform criticizing US foreign policy. You can also place a sure bet on the fact that they are scared because many of them voted to remove Saddam Hussein from power. They haven’t forgotten that our intelligence agencies reached the same conclusions made by the intelligence services of France, Germany and Russia thanks to Hussein’s pointless obstruction of UN efforts to verify Iraq's elimination of WMD.

I am not saying that the Democrats should take this opportunity to shut up. My beef is that since the 2004 election campaign the Democratic Party has done everything it can to undermine US efforts to help Iraq recover from Baathist oppression. I just think they should stop lying. It is insulting to the intelligence of the American people that our leaders from the Democratic Party pretend to support our efforts in Iraq while conducting a parallel campaign of sabotage.

Let’s face it, since the election campaign of 2004 most Democrats have spent more time condemning Bush than Al Qaeda or the Baathist insurgency. Beforehand most Democrats were war hawks demanding the removal of Hussein’s regime. These days they are prone to argue that they support our troops but they believe we have made too many mistakes. In the second Presidential debate Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) said, “I would have brought our allies to our side. I would have fought to make certain our troops had everybody possible to help them win the mission.”

These are strange words from a politician who has insulted every single US ally to date. It was during the early stages of the Democratic primary, when Senator Kerry told supporters that the US led international coalition represented a “trumped-up, so-called coalition of the bribed, the coerced, the bought, and the extorted”. That really doesn’t sound like a good way to win or keep allies,... strange.

Meanwhile the Bush Administration was conducting a brilliant diplomatic campaign to win the good will and cooperation of bitter US critics like the UN, Germany, France and the Vatican. As evidence of its success, US relations with these critics have been dramatically improved.

John Kerry’s sister, Diana Kerry, headed a campaign called “Americans Overseas for Kerry” which tried with disastrous results to interfere with the Australian elections for Prime Minister. Referring to the invasion of Iraq, Diana stated that, “Australia has kept faith with the US and we are endangering the Australians now by this wanton disregard for international law and multilateral channels”. Her actions drew strong comments of indignation from many Australians. Perhaps Kerry should have taken our relationship with Australia more seriously since the country is a firm ally in Iraq and the South Pacific (where Islamist militants have strongholds in nearby Indonesia and the Southern Philippines).

It was surprising to see that visiting Iraqi Interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi was also attacked by the Kerry campaign. In September of 2004 former Prime Minister Allawi visited the US and praised the country for its help. He stated that, “It's a tough struggle with setbacks, but we are succeeding”. Kerry was quick to pounce on Allawi saying, “I think the Prime Minister is, obviously, contradicting his own statement of a few days ago, where he said the terrorists are pouring into the country”. Fellow Democrat, Rep. James P. Moran (D-Va), went even further to mock Allawi as a pawn of the United States. He sarcastically stated, “It sounds like the State Department wrote the speech for him”. Kerry and Moran aren’t the only Democrats to scorn the former Iraqi Prime Minister, our most reliable ally in Iraq at the time. While denying a partisan boycott, many Democrats decided to skip Allawi’s speech. Sen. John D. Rockefeller IV (D-W.Va) said he chose to reread the then most recent National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq rather than support Allawi on a rare US visit. Of course, he preferred a report which paints a bleak outlook for Iraq rather than promoting any chance for success.

Kerry may not have been very supportive of the Iraqi Interim Government or our allies, but he did defend one Iraqi group. His infamous remarks to a National Public Radio (NPR) interview reveal how far Kerry will go to criticize US policy in Iraq. He stated, “They (the former American led Coalitional Provisional Authority) shut a newspaper that belongs to a legitimate voice in Iraq”. Kerry was referring to the closing of the “al-Mustaqila” newspaper that is aligned with militia leader Al Sadr. This was 10 days after the publication of an article entitled; “Death to all spies and those who cooperate with the U.S., killing them is religious duty”. It is bizarre that Kerry chose to support a vowed enemy of the United States while condemning our closest ally.

So why is it that Kerry went around trying to destroy every alliance we have, while claiming that Bush wasn’t doing enough to win more allies by our side? Is this man’s political ambition more important than our country’s welfare?

In any case, it is true that we need a vibrant opposition party to uphold the balance of power that Democracy can provide, but we also need leadership. So the Democratic Party must make up their minds and decide whether they want us to cut and run -or- stay the course. There have been many US victories in this war and the insurgents have failed to achieve anything of military significance. If the Democrats commit to helping Iraq then they need to show the same leadership qualities that the Bush Administration has shown.

When Vice President Cheney spoke out against the Administration’s critics, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev), called the speech “yet another missed opportunity by the Vice President to come clean with the American people and lay out a strategy for success in Iraq”. That’s interesting in light of the fact that the only new strategy that the Democrats have suggested, which the US has not already implemented, is to withdraw. I challenge the Democratic Party to level with the American people…

  • No more bogus legislation calling for the draft.

  • No more insulting our allies.

  • No more closed sessions in the Senate chasing revisionist allegations.

  • No more claims of Korans that are impossibly flushed down the toilet.

  • No more forged National Guard documents.

  • No more distorting the Bush Administration’s correct accusation that Hussein’s regime supported terrorism (they never said Hussein was responsible for 9/11).

  • No more blame games and outrageous claims of racism in the wake of natural disasters like Katrina.

  • No more lies!!!!!!!!!!

  • Only responsible leadership in the best interests of the people of the United States and Iraq…

    Update 11/22 9:42am

    Thanks to Nanc for pointing out an appropriate article written by David Limbaugh. It's an entertaining and insightful piece that highlights the harebrained antics of the Democratic Party. You can click on the link below to check it out:

    David Limbaugh


    nanc said...

    are we trying to win the hearts and minds of the left freedomnow? i'm not being multi-faceted here, but i believe the only way is one conquest at a time. i've been working on my own family for G-d knows how long. there is one generation who will not give in - my mother's. when i ask pointed questions on how she feels about a particular thing, she agrees wholeheartedly with me. i could ask ten of these questions and she agrees, and then i ask, "did you vote for kerry?" she replies, "yes, of course i did."

    these wingnuts do not even realize they voted for everything they are against. the irony in that overwhelms me to the point i have a hard time catching my breath. my 14 year old son calls these people "yellow dot democrats" - they will vote democrat if saddam were running in that party.

    like i always say, grassroots begin with us - one idiot at a time. it may take years, but i've actually seen some come around and rethink their positions. you have a great evening and week...what was that behind you? BOO!

    Freedomnow said...

    Leading off with the Jackass logo is no way to win hearts and minds. I'm just saying what needs to be said.

    I am not under the illusion that I can convince anyone to change their mind on the subject, but I am one voice of many.

    As a whole we may do some good...

    (P.S. I deleted the spammers comment so you may be wondering what happened to it, its all under control.)

    nanc said...

    yes, i see you are the one in control so i should mind my manners. i like the logo - my son would love it. he is radical right. there is no middle of the road for him on anything. balanced meals have done nothing for him! impossible to reign in, that kid.

    nanc said...

    great op/ed piece by david limbaugh at jwr today - check it out. he left all the humor in. i believe you would appreciate it.

    nanc said...

    okay, my best computer geek went to a friend's for the night and i wanted to update my site! ratz - i may have to seek professional help...okay fern, i decorated your site, now i need your help.

    Mad Zionist said...

    “I would have brought our allies to our side. I would have fought to make certain our troops had everybody possible to help them win the mission.”

    I would have kept giving money to Hezbollah through my wife's company. I would have waffled back and forth like a coward without ever taking action. I would have raised taxes through the roof. I would have spent thousands of taxpayer dollars on my hair dresser. I would have let moslems set this country on fire just like France...

    Yada, yada, yada...

    Freedomnow said...

    Hey listen MZ, without Hezbollah Michael Moore would have never been able to get distribution in the Middle East for his brillant masterpiece, "Triumph of the Will" or whatever its called.

    John said...

    The Iraqi government is asking us to leave now. Why? Because the Iraqis hate us. Why? Because of our torture policies. What torture policies, you say? Well, the ones that Dick Cheney is trying to prevent John McCain and John Warner from outlawing.

    Let's look at Bush's record. He has: Transformed Clinton's record budget surplus into his own record budget deficit; pissed off and alienated our allies and potential allies by lying and idiotic fake machismo; brought military recruitment grinding to a halt because of the Iraq fiasco; let Osama bin Laden get off scot free; combined the worst of the warlords (unlimited heroin production) with the worst of the Taliban (terrorist havening) in his utter mismanagement of the Afghan War.

    And oh yeah, he utterly lied about the outing of the CIA agent. "I will fire whoever did it," he said. Nope. What he meant was, "I will stall any investigation into what happened, and cleave the criminals unto my bosom."

    Why does George Bush hate America?

    nanc said...

    oh sure john, slide on in here like a snake after everyone has gone to bed. tell me how w was responsible for 9/11? which is the main reason our budget is what it is. seems to me we would be militarily stronger had clinton not hacked the military to pieces which was one of the reasons there was a surplus in his admin. why was the u.s.s. cole bombed?

    do the noodle dance buddy, come back with better ammo. i'd be willing to bet w is the reason your mama had such dhimmiwitted kids!

    Freedomnow said...


    I am sorry but our torture policy is that torture is illegal. If you commit torture you are arrested and placed in jail.

    We are not Baathists, N Korean Communists or Egyptian.

    I would prefer to think that you are ill informed rather than a liar... However the why does George Bush hate America comment suggests otherwise...

    Freedomnow said...


    It just struck me, you said the Iraqi govt is asking the US to leave. Where in the world did you get that from?

    I checked every leftwing media source I could think of and still cant find any reference to that.

    John said...

    nanc, your insults are weak. Blame the Cole on Clinton, blame 9/11 on Bush.

    Bush knew bin Laden wanted to strike, but he stayed on vacation.

    Freedomnow, thanks for the civility of your questions. I apologize for the "Bush hates America" crack, but I've heard it hurled so often by your side at my side . . . still, that doesn't make it right. We're all in this together, and we all love our country.

    Here's the info.

    Iraqi government asks U.S. to leave, and, much worse, says that the insurgent attacks on American troops are not terrorism. This is very bad news:,1280,-5431131,00.html

    Here's Cheney trying to legalize torture:

    tazzmax said...

    Hey, Freedomnow, it's good to see you posting on your own site....I will visit often ..if you can put up with me,ha.

    I've almost given up trying to convert liberals...most of them just don't get it in my experience. I argue with the facts and they'll agree, then turn around and come up with something off the wall and mostly lies that have been told over and over by the MSM ...but these gullible people are brainwashed. And a lot of these people are my friends or in-laws.{ My whole 7 member family plus my three kids are true blue conservatives}
    So it seems sometimes, that all I do is preach to the choir!
    All in all, I think some liberals can be changed if they are presented with the facts.

    Liberals who will absolutely not change, I think have a brain disease.

    Freedomnow said...


    Dis here is private poperty. I gots my shotgun right 'ere and I'mma gunna...hmmm... whatz dat?

    You iz from Moonbat Central? Well hell, why didnt ya say so in da first place, hot dang it?!

    Come on down! Izza about ta go liberal shootin'. Afta-wards we'ze can cook us up squirrel an' hit da moonshine!

    nanc said...

    a rule at our house is whoever complains about the shot in the kill has to do dishes!

    nanc said...

    p.s. fern - he called my insults lame! am i going to have to go back to square one? or, may i have one more shot?

    Freedomnow said...


    Your intro was a bit painful. No one should blame the Cole bombing on Clinton. Blame the terrorists. That is silly. I don’t blame Clinton or Bush for 9/11 either (most of the planning was done during Clinton’s watch and most of the security services in place during the attack were recruited during the 8 years of the Clinton administration). It’s like blaming the JEWS for the holocaust. The blame game has no future, only our enemies win.

    You can interpret the meaning of Cheney’s statements any way you want, I’ve heard it all. But let’s see what the facts are behind our torture policy. Jeremy Sivits has been sentenced to a year in jail. Convicted under the Uniform Code of Military Justice alleging conspiracy to maltreat detainees, and dereliction of duty for negligently failing to protect detainees from abuse, cruelty and maltreatment…….That is an excellent torture policy. Concern for the civil rights of terrorists and insurgents is fine, accusations of pro-torture policies by the US is another. The US government has been convicted by the Left and Islamists without any hard evidence. Tell your buddies at the Washington Post that I said they are a bunch a liars.

    There has been no formal request for a pullout by the Iraqi government. Over and over and over again, many Iraqi government leaders have expressed the desire to retain US troops. Let’s stick with official Iraqi government requests when stating that the Iraqi government wants us to leave. Hell, I want out of there right now, but there is something called the future that can’t be ignored. To abandon the newborn baby of Iraqi democracy is foolish.

    Thanks for checkin’ the Bush hates America remark. I feel for the guy the same way I felt for Clinton. They were both victims of political witch hunts and I hate seeing them attacked so brutally. Character assassination is the standard operating procedure in politics and it threatens to destroy this country. The Baathist and Al Qaeda terrorists don’t have that power themselves…

    Freedomnow said...


    I be happy to do the dishes as long as you put down that AK47.

    Anyways, it looks like you need to reload that puppy by the looks of it.

    tazzmax said...

    Freedomnow, the squirrel you would like.... I don't know if you could handle Lonzo's moonshine! I've seen lots of city-slickers " moanin" as they hit the ground. Brrrrr... white lightnin!
    It's so true though....been there, done that.

    John said...


    I'm with you that the conviction of Jeremy Sivits is excellent torture policy, and I'm also with you on, let's not blame the victim. I was responding to a remark of nanc's -- who's fault was the bombing of the Cole? The terrorists'. Absolutely right.

    Next time I talk to my pals George Will or Charles Krauthammer, I'll pass on your hello.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Freedomnow said...


    Izzz saves my grandpappy's musket fer dem cityslickers, as Iz luvs ta watch dem suffer.

    Have yerself a fine thanxsgivin'

    Ya hear?

    Freedomnow said...


    Thanks for passing on my regards to Post Boys. I'll be sure to let our pal Cheney know you were in the neighborhood.

    Happy Thanx to you and all you kindly visitors. This holiday will be like the Xmas truce of 1914.

    nanc said...

    happy thanksgiving to you all!

    and john, you too, but had clinton not reduced the number of fueling ships, the cole never would have had to go into the yemeni harbor for refueling. take all the issue you want with that. my point, like freedomnow's is how ridiculous it is that we can blame one person for tragedies of this magnitude. have a great day.

    tazzmax said...

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

    nanc said...

    congrats fern - you made blog of the day at solidsurfer! that's what thanksgiving is all about.