Thursday, November 17, 2005

Soundtrack for a New Generation

Before I begin this post I want to make it clear that I will NEVER make another entry this bad ever again. This is absolute rock bottom, I swear!

The thing is, I'm pissed. A long time ago I wrote a great song for a band called Devo and what did they do? They rewrote some of the lyrics and made millions off my song without even giving me credit. Now long at last I can at least publicly release the lyrics for my song "Freedom Now" (made famous as "Freedom of Choice").


A victim of collision on the open sea
Nobody ever said that freedom was free
Sink, swim, go down with the ship
But use your Freedom Now!

I'll say it again in the land of the free
Use your Freedom Now
your Freedom Now

In ancient Sumeria there was a poem
About a dictator who lost two wars
He lost at one
He ran from the other
He went to court
He wound up dead

Freedom is now
Thats what you got
Freedom is now!

Then if Iraq's got it, they don't want it
Protesters seem to be so dumb
Don't be tricked by their deceit
You got two ways to go

I'll say it again in the land of the free
Use your Freedom Now
Your Freedom Now


Mad Zionist said...

I believe you've lost it, my friend.


nanc said...




one moment whilst i pick myself up from the floorl!!!!

freedomnow = frn - you have now become fern to me!!! it's you - a low dwelling forest plant which needs little light and quite possibly no care whatsoever. i do not know how to surpass this...yet...

nanc said...

p.s. - where to send the royalties!!!

nanc said...

p.p.s. fern, is that you in the middle on the album cover?

Freedomnow said...

Oh no thats not just me Nanc,

Its my band...all of us!

We are inseparable...


nanc said...

that's so precious - that you could find four other guys that look so much like you. and, so willing to go along with you on those hats to boot. it's good to know you have friends who will stick so close - now i will not worry so about you.

nanc said...

time to buck up and recover fern. ilu - xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Freedomnow said...

Are you trying to insinuate that I have some sort of multiple personality disorder?

That is quite impossible since all five of me exist.

nanc said...

i was trying to make up my OTHER mind on that one! i was afraid you'd ban me....

Freedomnow said...

It appears that you are ready to start your own blog.

nanc said...

you're not trying to kick me out of the nest are you? i do need to fix my blog up though and have a cause - we boycott at our house - my husband just nods and smiles alot. what a guy! at least i am afforded the luxury of visiting all my favorite sites every weekday, do my job, all from the comfort of my home office - life is good at nanc house.

Freedomnow said...

Between my blog and MZ's you have submitted enough info for two or three blogs.

Besides, I could drop by and massacre your comments section.

nanc said...

massacre - massacre - i thought i was decorating!

Freedomnow said...

Oh no, you're fine...wait until you see my outrageous comments on your blog. Then you will know what I mean...