Friday, September 25, 2009

Dawn of a Glorious New Age

The retired dictator of Cuba is encouraged that Obama is committed to destroying the economy of the United States. As a responsible democratic republic we can be pressured into a feverishly heavy burden of anti-carbon legislation. This is despite the fact that our environmental laws are draconian compared to countries such as India and China.

Fidel Castro gushes like a childish American journalist, “The President of the United States has conceded that the developed nations have caused most of the damage and should take responsibility for it. It was certainly a brave gesture.”

Thanks to Obama the definition of brave these days means to denigrate the United States.

This nonsense of wealthy nations versus poor nations unites Socialists in an orgy of envy and hatred.

Meanwhile the world’s number one polluter, China, reels from anti-pollution protests. In the Shaanxi province Chinese authorities ignored hundreds of protesters who complained that their children were being poisoned by industrial waste. The situation turned into running battles between police and protesters. Reporters had to sneak past roadblocks that were set up by the authorities to prevent news coverage of the riots. Local doctors have been ordered to restrict testing children for lead poisoning and now such tests can only be done when an official brings in a child.

Here is a brief list from Times Online of some recent environmental protests and scandals in China:

- Ten thousand demonstrators took hostages and fought police at a $5 billion petrochemical project in Fujian on the east coast. The battles forced the local government to promise strict anti-pollution measures at the plant.

- Authorities closed a chemical plant in central China after two locals died of cadmium poisoning. Chinese newspapers exposed a long-running scandal of political collusion that had allowed the plant to flout environmental standards.

- Mass protests broke out over “cancer villages” near polluted waterways in eastern China. A series of campaigns followed to win compensation for villagers who became ill living next to filthy canals and rivers full of factory discharge and effluent.

In recent decades the United States has made dramatic improvements in its air quality thanks to the Clean Air Act, however scientists are concerned about the effects of pollution from Asia that travels across the pacific in the upper atmosphere.

Estimates state that “Asia contributes 27% of the mercury deposition in Colorado” and the primary source of that mercury comes from the burning of coal, a heavy carbon emitter.

So Hey Obama… Perhaps developing nations should take responsibility for the environmental damage that they are creating right now. Please stop living in the past and digging for ways to bash your own country.


Z said...

Great perception, as usual...but, of course, he IS living in the past; and we're being punished for it.
His people were oppressed, his daddy left him, he never felt he belonged, he resented his grandma's whiteness, he was taught nothing but how awful America is...and now WE are being punished for it and even European journalists are asking how any American president could possibly act like he hates his own country?

Freedomnow said...

Obama has found a niche harnessing the hatred of anti-Americanism to advance his political fortune.

His longing for acceptance by his Black African father who abandoned him and his resentment of his white heritage, despite his white family who loved him and raised him, would make him a psychologist's dream patient.

I hope that one day he comes to terms with these things, so he can live in peace with himself. It is very sad...

beakerkin said...


You need to look at his White Family.
They were not your typical midwestern
types. Obama's mother was a bug eyed Marxist.

Left Coast Rebel said...

Freedom - Just found your site from Moonbattery. Great writeup here. I never thought in my lifetime that the US would have a leader loved by despots, dictators and tyrants. A man should be judged by the friends that he has. Take a look at the Left Coast Rebel and follow if you don't mind.

Anonymous said...

Consider the source...

HAVANA — Cuba on Monday acknowledged a failure to pay cash-strapped farmers on time and said some local officials lied to cover up the problem — a blunt admission from the communist government that crucial agriculture reforms lauded by President Raul Castro have so far fallen short.

The public mea culpa came in a full page spread Monday in the state-run Granma newspaper, which acknowledged that the issue is a main cause of discontent in the countryside.

It said that after an enormous effort to repay farmers that began in 2004, the problem has come up again.

"We ought to admit that provincial agriculture officials, local governments and the Agriculture Ministry itself have not taken responsibility," Agriculture Minister Ulises Rosales de Toro is quoted as saying.

The minister said that some local officials have falsified records to hide the lack of payments, something that he described as "unconscionable."

"Anybody who acts in this way calls into question his moral authority to lead," the report quoted him as saying.

Despite a warm climate and rich soil, Cuba lacks the ability to feed itself and must import more than $2 billion worth of food a year, much of it from the United States.

Cuban markets offer a grim selection of basic products, and often run out. Many complain that it is hard to get by on government ration books that grant only about 15 days worth of food for an entire month.

Raul Castro, who took over from his elder brother Fidel in February 2008, has made agriculture reform one of the main goals of his administration. He has handed over 80,000 parcels of fallow government land to private farmers and exhorted his countrymen to produce more.

The government says the program is working, although it acknowledges progress is slow. Farmers say they often lack the equipment and fertilizer to plow the new fields, and that inefficiency has caused some food to rot before it can reach supermarket shelves.

According to the Granma report, the government owes farmers about $95,000 — not much by international standards, but a windfall in a country where farmers get by on well under $100 a month and must sell most of their production back to the state.

The payment problems "constitute an immorality in that they make producers think that the state is not willing to pay them," the newspaper said.

Castro can't even feed his own people.... on an island paradise.

Anonymous said...

ps - Kim il Jong is no longer a communist. He says that communism is impossible so long as the USA remains a possibility. He's right. No one would EVER choose to live under communism in the face of a MUCH BETTER alternative existing.

Anonymous said...

The current liberal "flight from capitalism" is an ideogical fantasy world where it's uneconomical to pollute (& money doesn't matter).

Sorry to tell you this, libbies, money matters. And just so long as it continues to matter, there will never be any "green jobs".

Freedomnow said...


Obama's mom was more than just a bug eyed Marxist, she was a raging ‘anti-American culturalist’. His grandparents were more modest in their Socialist naivety, but thats how it starts...


Thanks for dropping by, I took you up on your suggestion.


Interesting link to that article on North Korea. Kim Jong Il and his cronies live high on the hog, so they never really had any commitment to a one class state any way.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Oh gosh I'm stuffed! THANKSGIVING DEAR FRIEND!!:)

Freedomnow said...

Hey Angel, I'm glad you had a bountiful Thanksgiving.