Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Obama's Feet on the Fire


Obama's recent troubles forcing a Public Health Care option on an unwilling public is the result of a badly mismanaged campaign. The lies and bouts of projection that have marked this campaign have clearly revealed the underhanded partisan politics of the Obama Administration.

This arrogant Administration and its Democratic Majority has become too overconfident. Now they have learned that even with their overwhelming sympathy from the media, activist organizations, unions and academia... they still can't tell lies at will.

There were two lies that fell apart amidst public outrage.

The first was an act of projection. Tea Party activists, who have been derided as "Tea Baggers", were accused of being "Astroturf" activists and not a real grassroots movement. Yet it quickly became apparent that many Public Option supporters were in the employment of Obama's "Organizing for America" and ACORN, while union thugs beat up "teabaggers". It is rare to see such a blatant act of projection on such a huge scale.

In this video Out-of-State Astroturf Activists arrive in New Hampshire to support Public Option Health Care!!!:

Patriots chant "Don't Come Back! / Get a Real Job!" at leaving ACORN buses after a townhall in Pennsylvania:

Secondly, the Obama Administration insisted that it was the victim of a nefarious disinformation campaign. Linda Douglass, the Communications Director of the White Office of Health Reform, specifically targeted an article on Drudge Report entitled... "Obama Explains How His Health Care Plan Will Eliminate Private Insurance". Even though Obama is clearly quoted before he was president as a supporter of a Single Payer Health Care System and he also related his strategy for eliminating employer coverage over a period spanning a 10 to 20 years. Watch Ms. Douglass lie through her teeth and actually deny Obama's own words:

You may recall that Ms. Douglass is the woman who set up an email address for Americans to turn in their fellow citizens who disagree with Obama's health care proposals:

It turns out that is illegal either way you view it:

While the Democratic Party and their media allies have smeared Tea Party activists as anti-Democratic protesters who lower the debate on healthcare, Ringos Pictures Blog reminds them how badly Anti-Bush protesters lowered the debate during the Bush Administration... with little concern from the media and its allies in the Democratic Party:

Nancy Pelosi decried the use of Nazi imagery during these protests, but Zombietime Blog reminds her of the use Nazi imagery by Anti-Bush protesters during the Bush Administration, once again, with little concern from the media and its allies in the Democratic Party:

Then there is Zombietime's collection of protesters calling for the assassination of Bush:

The media will not challenge the astroturfing hypocrisy and outright lies of the Democratic Party. It is up to bloggers to spread the word through the Internet, while protesters spread the word on the streets.


Anonymous said...

How soon the Alinskyites forget... great piece, FN!

Freedomnow said...

As you know they dont forget, they merely hope that they can fool the general public.

Now that we have seen his tactics, there can be no doubt that Obama is a dedicated follower of Saul Alinsky's teachings.

David "ASK" Axelrod, the master of Astroturfing, is a perfect match for an Alinsky pusher.

Z said...

Axelrod is Alinsky reincarnate! Sometimes, I get the feeling Axelrod's pulling Obama's strings...somebody's being president while Obama's flying around and making speeches every day!! ?

SO GOOD to see you blogging more often! and thanks for coming by geeeZ

You know, what I can't understand is how so many conservatives suggest Obama ran as a centrist....what? I never saw a THING centrist about him. He surely has overstepped again now with this SPEECH TO THE CHILDREN, don't you think? This can only make things worse for him and it's another sign of his arrogance, thinking nobody'd NOTICE how amazingly arrogant THIS IS?

I am encouraging parents to have their children stay home that day..a KIDDIE TEA PARTY!!!

Elmers Brother said...

good to see you back blogging

Freedomnow said...

Hey EB!!! Good to see ya.


Its all perception. If a large group of people really want to believe a lie, then the liar doesnt have to try very hard.

Obama ran for president as an unknown with no real record or achievements to examine. When he wasnt throwing his past associates under the bus, he made promises to the Left and to the Right (mostly to the Left).

One thing is for sure, Obama ran for office promising a post-partisan and post-racial presidency.

Just add those lies to all the other ones.

Z said...

Good point about the 'post partisan and post racial' LIES.

And now, pooor Van Jones has resigned..but not like Republcans who SAY they're resigning for PRIVATE, he had to tell us it's our fault...and that he has been "inundated with calls from across the political spectrum urging me to stay and fight."

I guess that would be from communists to Black Panthers, huh?

Freedomnow said...

Yeah, that one made me laugh too ("across the political spectrum").

Those Alinskites never stop lying and propagandizing.

What a joke...