Friday, December 05, 2008

Our Ignorant Activist Media

In the 2008 presidential elections the media threw away any pretense of objectivity and campaigned on behalf of Barack Obama. Most news articles were sprinkled with the conformist nuances of ‘truths’ that are widely accepted by our intellectual elite. The result is that they continue to behave like Pavlov’s dog at every mention of the Iraq War and obediently serve the role that Al Qaeda gave them.

Such bias can only thrive in an environment of ignorance. The media misinforms the American people in its partisan battle against Republicans.

Today, I had enough when reading a New York Times article about the piracy problem in Somalia. Ever since this subject has become headline news the media has pushed a meme stating that the piracy was created by the fall of the Islamic Courts.

Much like our elites mourn the downfall of mass murdering Saddam Hussein, they claim that American and Ethiopian interference led to this piracy problem. These robots don’t have an original thought in their puny collective mind.

I have never seen such utter ignorance as this article entitled, “Grand Theft Nautical”. The writer, John Burnett, relies exclusively on leftwing talking points. If you can read this quote without regurgitating your last meal you have a stronger stomach than I do, or you really don’t understand the issues here…

“There was some semblance of law and order in 2006, when the Islamic Courts Union, loosely linked with Al Qaeda, took over much of the country and imposed Shariah law. Though there were cruel tradeoffs, the Islamists virtually eradicated piracy. (The crime was a capital offense punishable by beheading.)

When Ethiopian forces, supported by the United States, replaced the Islamists with an ineffective transitional government in 2006, piracy returned with an intensity not seen since the 17th century.

It is evident that no nation can impose its will on Somalia; the colonial British and Italians learned the hard way. And certainly no nation can force Somalis to stop the best business in town. But if the West really hopes to eliminate the scourge of piracy in these strategic shipping lanes, then it should consider involving the courts union, the only entity that has proved it could govern the country, and its militant wing, Al Shabaab, in a new government.”

Where to begin? This guy is a complete idiot and makes a lot of money as a result. He writes what our intellectual elite wants to hear. Here is a short history lesson for Mr. Burnett...

Somalia is split into many different regions. Some of them consider themselves to be independent countries, but are not internationally recognized. Somaliland is one of the most prominent of them. At one time the Islamic Courts controlled much of the lawless south, but not these autonomous regions. To the north is Puntland, another autonomous region that unlike Somaliland does not consider itself to be independent. This is where the majority of pirates are headquartered. Local Puntland authorities have developed business links with the pirates who have safe havens there. The Islamic Courts has never had any significant control of any land in Puntland.

How can journalists go to the best universities and still come out so utterly ignorant in the blind pursuit of leftwing political activism?

Burnett wants to give the fascist Islamic Courts influence in a region that they have never had any control?... All so liberals can thumb their nose at Republicans and America’s lukewarm ally, Ethiopia?

Let me be fair. According to a report by the Chatham House, the Islamic Courts eradicated piracy during the second part of 2006 when they rose to a brief supremacy. However, the pirates simply moved to Puntland and continued their expansion of criminal activity. So does Burnett advocate handing over Puntland to the hurting Islamists? (Yes, I know the Islamists have recently made some gains, but they still are a shadow of their former power. It all depends if your glass is half full or half empty… Or rather, if you choose to propagandize on behalf of Islamists or not.)

Funny enough, the report goes on to say that funds from the ransoms paid to pirates have gone to Al-Shabaab. If you recall, Burnett advocated the inclusion of Al-Shabaab in the Somali government as a solution to the piracy problem. Even you overlook the problem that he doesn’t know the difference between the Somali Transitional Federal Government and the government of Puntland, you still have to admit that he doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about.


WomanHonorThyself said...

In the 2008 presidential elections the media threw away any pretense of objectivity and campaigned on behalf of Barack Obama...the day journatlism died my friend.....:(

Freedomnow said...

Journalism died many deaths. That was a drop in the bucket, but surely another lowpoint in its miserable existence.

Our media is free to be as ignorant as can be. Its the job of the American people to call them out on it.

Z said...

Freedomnow, if it IS our job to call out the media, we're done. Yes, they're free to be ignorant, this is a free country, but they'd better the hell shape up and QUICK or we won't have a democracy. The way they were in the bag for THE ONE was absolutely undemocratic. Sickening and juvenile and very dangerous! WE can't do it. HOW? Who's listening if the media's not getting it out there, right? Sure, bloggers....we reach 200 people a day; and those 200 good people already are thinking what we're thinking.

And, if they don't start giving us NEWS and not their opinions on everything, Conservatism can blow smoke up the same bottom obama's doing with his ridiculous lies on THE ONE's smoking (Thanks for coming by, by the way!) Ya...because THE PUBLIC WON'T EVER HEAR WHATEVER TRUTH THEY MIGHT HAVE LIKED ABOUT REPUBLICANS...IF THEY ONLY HEARD/KNEW IT. I heard Michael Steele on CSPAN this morning..I thought "If people HEARD THIS GUY, they'd GET CONSERVATISM!" But, they don't....not in big enough numbers. But, I digress from your excellent piece and leave you with this extremely erudite, fair and important comment about Somali piracy:

Why the HELL don't those ships just BLOW THEM OUT OF THE WATER before they GET TO THEM!? Done. No problem.

Thank you, thank you.... your applause is very appreciated !!!! HAA!!

Freedomnow said...


Of course the health of a Democracy always comes down to the critical thought process of the people who take part in it.

In 1933 the German people were drawn to the populous rhetoric of the Nazis' twisted ideology and democratically voted them into power.

I'm not saying that the Democratic Party is like the Nazi Party. This is just an extreme example of the responsibilities of the those who participate in representative democracies. The purpose is to illustrate how important it is for the participants in democracy to be well informed.

We have a problem in our Media, Education system and Arts. Those mediums are used by leftwing political activists to advance their agenda. In fascist societies these three entities are closely controlled by the state for the same reason. There is an imbalance in the control of the flow of information in our society and this is an attempt by leftwingers to capitalize on this.

I dont advocate a fairness doctrine like some leftwing radicals desire for the last Conservative holdout on talk radio. Nor do I want any other manipulation of these three entities along these lines, but I do advocate educating the American people about this problem.

Gayle said...

Unfortunately, the American people need to be educated about a lot of things. It is their ignorance and apathy that got us Obama. I think ignorance of the American people is as big a threat to us as terrorism.

Your post is more proof that today's so-called "journalism" is a joke. Very few journalists are concerned about printing the truth. They are so politically motivated, and mostly on the liberal side, that they can't write anything anymore without giving us their slant on it. What's worse, the media lies to the public by omission, so a public that does not trouble itself to search for the truth - even though they have an excellent tool now that they never had before in the internet - remains ignorant of the facts.

Journalism used to mean something. Nowdays it's a bad joke, the same as public education!

Gayle said...

"Public education", another oxymoron. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Leftists longing for the law and order, as Comrade Stalin maintained it? Longing for the trains to run on time, as Mussolini ensured? You don't say!