Tuesday, April 03, 2007

This is Getting Too Easy

Photo Opportunity of the Year

With President Bush fighting to fund our troops who are engaged in a combat and impeded by a Congress controlled by the Democratic Party - it wasn’t a good idea for the House Speaker to have this picture taken during her visit to Syria today.

Meanwhile the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, has already threatened to cut off funding to our troops that are currently in combat. It is bad enough to play politics with our war effort, but to go against the wishes of the President and visit the capitol of a belligerent country like Syria is bizarre.

So what would possess an intelligent politician to pose for a photo-op like the picture above? We are in the middle of a war in which our enemies use the Islamic religion as a weapon and the Democratic Party is being accused of not being patriotic. Yet Pelosi poses with a scarf worn in modest Islamic fashion in the capitol of a regime that is hostile to the United States and has been accused of aiding our enemies.

Pelosi has been so swept up with the Democratic Party’s recent electoral victory that she has lost her common sense. Our new Prime Minister thinks that she will come back with Peace in Our Time!!!!!!!!!!

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Mike's America said...

I've been wondering for a while whose side Dems are on.

Are they on the side of VICTORY in the war on terror?

Are they for figthing an enemy that is sworn to destroy us?

We now today, that they are NOT for Victory or for fighting the enemy.

They've chosen sides and it's NOT with the American people.

Rogue said...

The DumbasCraps ARE at war..with Bush.
That's the only target of opportunity they like to strike.

Freedomnow said...

The Democrats have gone off the deep end and no longer represent the American people.

They only represent the Democratic Party.

Helping to legitimize the Syrian regime is not very helpful to our country or our allies. If anything comes from this visit Lebanon, Iraq and Israel will have to pay dearly.

Toad734 said...


Nice Try

American Crusader said...

Great line..."Our new Prime Minister.."

Prime Minister Pelosi.
Too bad that she has completely undermined US policy in the region.
I wonder how she would feel if her daughters were forced to wear matching headscarfs?
She apparently doesn't care about the message she is sending.

Freedomnow said...


Thanks for the picture of Laura Bush in a scarf.

Are you insinuating that Mrs. Bush is appeasing the enemy?

Pelosi's scarf is only symbolic for the appeasement that she is trying to initiate in the middle of a war against enemies that use Islam to justify their brutality. Mrs. Bush did not go to a belligerent country in an effort to negotiate against the president's wishes like Pelosi did.

Your picture has no relevance to the subject at hand. I have no qualms about wearing a scarf, just like I have nothing against wearing a contamination suit or military gear while riding a tank. Yet the Kerry and Dukakis photo ops backfired, just like Pelosi’s did. Even Bush's Mission Accomplished photo-op backfired. I only laugh at how Pelosi’s arrogance led her to stumble so pointlessly. She undertook this trip for nothing, she didn’t have to go. Her lack of political skill is readily apparent.


The folly of Pelosi's visit is that she went on a mission that will have little returns for America, but large returns for Syria. Her only benefit would be from the publicity she receives from thumbing her nose at Bush. Instead she will not only come away empty handed, but she will have only gained negative publicity.

Nice try yourself. Come back when you have something better.


Oberon said...

......you can't live in fear.....ghost rider.

Freedomnow said...

That’s a very vague comment.

What fear are you talking about? Fear is a natural self defense mechanism sort of like pain.

While I would like to live without fear and pain, it is impossible and even if we had the technology it would not be advisable to do so.

Will you be bringing us a Brave New World?

WomanHonorThyself said...

great read Freedom..why doesnt she permanently relocate there!
Ty for the comments at my humble abode !..:)

Freedomnow said...

Pelosi has a busy schedule ahead of her before she relocates.

First there will be visits to Iran, Venezuela, North Korea and the tribal areas of Pakistan.

Her handlers have already set up her accomodations and hired some photographers. She cant possibly back out now.

Cheers to ya, lassie!!!!!!!!!!

FreeCyprus said...

Did Pelosi buy that maple leaf-patterned head-scarf in Canada? I think the Hudson's Bay Company sells that...

Anyway...maybe visiting Syria, a state that sponsors terrorism wasn't such a good idea but at least she's not completely clued out. When she addressed the Israeli Knesset, she said "that the new (Hamas-Fatah) Palestinian government, some of the people in the government, continue to remain committed to the destruction of Israel"

No kidding.

Freedomnow said...

Dont be fooled by Pelosi's Publicity Stunt and Scarf fashion show.

Hamas Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyeh, once said,

"We do not have any feelings of animosity toward Jews."

Link to article

Before you can have the media write your stories for you, you have to tell them what they want to hear first (All hail the Third Power! Its more than just an Estate).

Mike's America said...

I found another photo of Neville Nancy on the Road to Damascus that wasn't published in the media:


Russet Shadows said...

Peliosi represents San Fran, which is one of the most liberal districts in America. I don't think she could do anything else but wear her treason in a scarf. Her antics represent SF politics as usual -- sideshow insanity and no concept of consequences. Look at what their mayor does. Look at how they handle the panhandling/homeless problem. Nancy brings the same kind of freak show theater to the White House, and now, the world. The good news in all this is that the Left is seriously overreaching and this will boomerang big time. Look for Clinton and even Obama to distinguish themselves from Peliosi.

Tancredo in '08!

WomanHonorThyself said...

just dropped by to wave!..peace! :)

loveandfood said...

Is not a pose for a pic, is just respect for the place she was.
She was visiting the Omayad mosque in Damascus, and any woman wants visit a mosque, needs to cover her head.
Instead to write silly comment, ppl should know better about differentes cultures or religion.
World doesnt start and end in USA.

Freedomnow said...

Well my Swiss friend,

Before you comment about how silly and xenophobic I am you should have read my comment above...

"Pelosi's scarf is only symbolic for the appeasement that she is trying to initiate in the middle of a war against enemies that use Islam to justify their brutality."

I found her trip to be amusing because she undertook it to grandstand the president, but she only gained negative publicity from it.

Her captors, I mean hosts, carefully scripted her trip and could barely keep the drool off of their chins.

She is what Josef Stalin called a "useful tool".

...By the your appeal to anti-American bigotry is not very enlightened either.

Toad734 said...


So how do you feel about those traitors Condolleeza Rice,Arlen Spector, Robert Aderholt, Frank Wolf and Joe Pitts meeting with the Syrians?? Wow, I guess there are more Republican traitors than Democrat "Traitors".

Freedomnow said...

Ohhhhh sneaking in a comment in an old post are you?

I can see that you are a bit ignorant of how our government works so I will explain it to you. Condoleezza Rice is the Secretary of State, she is the highest member of the President’s cabinet and conducts our foreign affairs ON BEHALF of the President. She was sent to Syria on behalf of the President to conduct the foreign policy that only he can authorize anyone to carry out. Pelosi or Specter or any of the people you mentioned do not have that authority.

The UN has implicated Syria in the assassination of a very popular Lebanese Prime Minister, Rafik Hariri and they are supporting Hezbollah which is trying to unseat the current Lebanese Prime Minister through intimidation. Hezbollah is doing this in order to stop investigations into Syria’s violent role in Lebanon. Hezbollah has defied the sovereignty of that country by maintaining an illegal militia which prevents the Lebanese authorities from governing any land under their control. Syria is also supporting the terrorist group Hamas which is responsible for deliberate terrorist attacks against civilians and currently engaged in violence against their fellow Palestinians.

In an internationally coordinated campaign the U.S. has brought political pressure on the Syrian totalitarian regime that resulted in a military withdrawal by Syria. When Nancy Pelosi or Arlen Specter goes there they legitimize the Syrian government. They undermine the efforts to bring the murderers of Hariri to justice and reduce the destructive stranglehold that Syria has held over Lebanon.

The Iraq Study Group Report has not been signed into law and is not official U.S. policy. That policy is determined by the President and his Cabinet (you member Rice dontcha?) Congress is mainly a legislative branch of government, but it has the right to approve ambassadors, ratify treaties and of course pass legislation (if they can get past the V-E-T-O). If Congress disagrees with the country’s foreign policy there are legitimate avenues to express that legally…

1) resolutions and policy statements
2) legislative directives
3) legislative pressure
4) legislative restrictions/funding denials
5) informal advice
6) congressional oversight.

Negotiations with a foreign power is the domain of the President, which can be done through his authorized representatives like the Secretary of State (hey, remember Rice!).