Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Why is the Answer

My post the other day at the Autonomist sets the mood for this week’s upcoming post.

Anti-Americanism is the result of the propaganda of three groups;

1. Militant Socialists

2. Islamists

3. Neo-Nazis

All the military might in the world cannot destroy the propaganda machine they have created. They use our Democracy to spread their ideas and I am forced by my own beliefs to defend their right to undermine my country.

I can only fight back with the written word.


John Brown said...

Let me help you: people hate Uncle Sam because it kills babies, pregnant women, and the handicapped.

Freedomnow said...

Actually Mr. Brown you are helping, just not the way you think you are.

America doesn’t have much to profit by killing babies, pregnant women or the handicap because our media are always looking for such stories (and this is a good contribution of our free press). While the US has too much to lose from this kind of publicity; Islamists, Socialists and Neo-Nazis have a lot to gain by making such accusations.

Any US soldier that commits a crime will be tried according to US military law. If a US soldier did lose control then they deserve to be punished and such behavior will be discouraged as much as humanly possible.

How many Baathist military courts convicted their own security forces of such crimes? On the contrary, you will find that Baathist war criminals have been rewarded for such behavior. And we are supposed to believe the supporters of such a regime when they accuse the US of being genocidal?

In the occupations of Germany and Japan a similar bloodshed didn’t exist. Why? Because there wasn’t much terrorism. Terrorism targets civilians and seeks to cause as much collateral damage as possible. Every civilian casualty in Iraq is the fault of the Baathist, Sunni and Islamist insurgency. Their terrorist tactics can’t be justified.

The greatest fear that Islamists and Socialists have is that the US reconstruction will have similar results to post WWII Germany and Japan. The end result of the "brutality" of American occupation.

Brown you embody the propaganda that I am talking about. I couldn’t think of a finer example. Thank you for proving my point

Always On Watch said...

Freedom Now,
Point well made in your comment.

American Crusader said...

Jealousy? Who knows? It's no longer even important.

saba said...

its true, i have always wondered why so much hate towards the american governments? well it did invade iraq, afghanistan and is associated with "killing innocent people", supports Israel who is also associated with "oppresion". It controls the world's economy, has the UN in its pocket, controls the media, has a blockade on cuba, should i go on?
so ur saying all this is propaganda and created by the "islamists", "neo nazis and "millitant socialists"??
as for ur comment above...civilians in Iraq are only killed by shia, baathists and "insurgens"..im sorry are you sure you have been watching the news lately??? Does Haditha ring a bell? Does Abu Ghraib ring a bell?
the only propaganda i see here is yours no offense

Freedomnow said...

Of course I am biased. I do not hide the fact.

There is nothing morally wrong with being the dominant economic power on the planet. I am sick of my country's new position as the world's new Jew...("they control the economy, greed explains all of their motives, etc...") Thats B.S.

I am actually against the blockade on Cuba, but it is the right of my government to do so. The thousands of Cuban exiles in our country have been wronged and want their country back. It is not evil to blockade a corrupt and totalitarian state like Cuba.

You should note that the rightwing accuses the media of being biased to the Left. When the Left says the same thing in reverse that has to tell you something. Our freedom of press is strong and the people speak through them. They report the good and the bad. The media is definitely not controlled by the government, except for the inability to show nudity, sex or too much violence (although I would to see all of that, but I am not the only person in the country, damn).

If anything the media is tilted to the Left. Any wacko that wants to denounce the US has a soapbox with them. The pattern is to denounce, then write a book and if you are really good make a movie.

However, I think that except for some leftwing journalist/activists that write for the NY Times and then write for leftwing propaganda sites (plus other more prominent journalist/activists), the main motivation of the press is to increase readership. So controversial and sensational stories are sought after by the press.

If you want biased media look at Al Jazeera. They claim that they are unique for criticizing Arab governments, but they dont dare criticize their host country to harshly.

Haditha and Abu Ghraib not only evoke shame from me, but also the pride that in my country there exists notable respect for the law and freedom of press that no totalitarian country would allow.

We prosecute our own people who commit such crimes. Monsters like the Baathists, Cuban Socialists, Taliban or Al Qaeda cant say the same. Unlike most countries we own up to our mistakes and have a commitment to human rights. Who else can say the same? How many French troops have been arrested for their crimes in Africa and Haiti? How many Baathists were put on trial for the hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians they slaughtered?

Face it, when somebody shoots at you, you have to shoot back. Civilians are sometimes caught in the crossfire. Recently in fighting between Hamas and Fatah a Jordanian diplomat was killed. It was an accident, no matter how much it is scorned, collateral damage is not intentional.

The problem is compounded when insurgents carry out military missions with no uniforms or identifying marks. Vehicle Borne IEDs (VBIED) are civilian cars that are loaded with explosives but look like civilians. Any speeding car could be one, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between a civilian car and VBIED. Terrorist guerilla warfare intentionally takes advantage of this type of warfare and profits from every civilian death.

Let me repeat that, terrorists profit from every civilian death and the US loses credibility with each civilian death. It is in the best interests of terrorists to cause as many civilian deaths as possible.

(As far as Haditha is concerned it is unfair to convict these soldiers in the media, their guilt is just assumed. Eyewitnesses that are related to insurgents can lie. Therefore I have the right to reserve judgment on these soldiers until all the facts are clear. However, I would go as far as to support the death penalty if it is warranted.)

Anyways, you cannot deny that Islamists, Neo Nazis and Militant Socialists are the hardened enemies of the US. They are all very media saavy and I am not making it up.

Oleh Yahshan said...

I am passing by through your blog(s).. very interesting... I might ned to talk to you further... :>

but I also have to run off to class now...

Greg said...

Saba: I think Freedom's comments speak for themselves, but I have a little to add. America is seen by most of the world as a sort of devil who controls world economy, the press, etc. Some of this may be true but it's due entirely to Americans' strong work ethic, the country's founding father's vision of a true democracy and most of all, Americans' will and commitment to a free and just world.

America gets blamed from all directions. For what? For interceding in Iraq to fend off a despot who killed thousands of innocent people along with a gassing Kurds and a few hundred thousand Iranian troops. Afghanistan was a pre-emptive strike. If America had not struck first, another 9/11 was just around the corner. The U.S. had to rout the Taliban our of Afghanistan. It was an absolute must.

As for American soldier's offenses in Iraq, I agree with Freedom.

beakerkin said...


Lets see more dementi from the usual suspects. If the USA controlls the UN and the world press they must be using the Keystone Cops school of Management.

Much of the ant US and Israel angst is anti capitalism either in Brown case mental illness and Marxism or Islamonomics.

Your critique of the USA is noted but Assyrians, Copts, Hindus, Zoroastrians, Maronites, Bhudists and many others have plenty to say about the Sons of Allah. Ironically , people who actually lived under Marx have plenty to say to the likes of John Brown who needs medication.

The days where the sons of Allah could get away with smacking planes into office buildings, shooting school kids in the back and pushing senior citizens off cruise ships are over. Either Muslims will learn to live in peace or rest in peace.

Islam has a 1400 year colonial history its pointing the finger at America or Israel is a silly joke.
1400 years of subjecting Jews and others to Jim Crowe , Slavery, Ethnocide and often genocide.

Sorry Saba but only far left clowns like Brown who constantly rewrite history are fooled by your angst.

Mr Beamish in 08.

nanc said...

mornin' fern. still awaiting internet service at the new place. i HAD to come to work today just to say, "mornin' fern" - more later. could i be being worked to death?

Anonymous said...

This Article shows that more people in the UK are now more pro-european that pro-american. This is because of a variety of factors including the Iraq war, the distrust of the US president, the over aggressive neo-con foreign policy and so on.

Politics through the eyes of a teenager

Greg said...

beakerkin: while I agree with your position more than I do with Saba's there's no reason for offending her. She was just trying to make a point, not rattling any sabres.

Freedomnow said...


I appreciate the link to the article, but it really doesn’t tell me anything that I didn’t already know. Now that the Soviet Union is gone anti-Americanism has a lot of fertile ground in Western Europe. They don’t need us anymore.

It is interesting that this article came out in the wake of the recent comments by the UN’s 2nd in command, Malloch Brown, who just happens to be British.

Basically, Brown’s speech condemned what he believes to be the failure of the American government to promote the UN to the American heartland. There lies the rub. Your article states that Europeans hate the US government not the American people. Brown’s reference to the heartland is yet another illustration that Europeans still view the average American as ignorant. They don’t love the American people, they love our elite leftists like Michael Moore and George Clooney. Patriotic Americans like me are viewed as vulgar and distasteful people.

Western Europe is tired of conflict and sees no need for it from their cozy corner of the world. I have no hard feelings about that. Their countries are liberal and democratic so we can move on to places that need help in their own efforts to achieve such freedom and prosperity. We are talking about rehabilitating two countries, Iraq and Afghanistan, that have suffered under terrible dictatorships and decades of war. This is not a popularity contest.

Whenever Europe needs us, they can count on my country to be there. It doesn’t matter if they are grateful or not.

beakerkin said...


The time has come for the sons and daughters of Allah to look at their history. The wrong people are being fed the PC guilt trip. I do not slam the prophet or the religion but Islamic history is brutal and it speaks loud and clearly.

Yet I would sooner deal with a Saba
then a Dana . There are decent Muslims but Commies are mental health patients who are running free.

Greg said...

beakerin: people such as Dana are a lot more dangerous than Saba is. In fact I don't sense any danger coming from Saba so, we agree on that point.

Greg said...

one more thing...put all commies in a pshycho ward and treat them accordingly!

I was born in the USSR and my parents were constantly at the mercy of the government, hence my hatred for anything and everything commie.

Freedomnow said...

Dont let hate rule you like hate rules Islamists and their Leftist allies...

Russet Shadows said...

I do wonder how Saba can prattle off what she does -- foolish or useful idiot, she should be answered. Honestly, how can one simply recyle mass media lies, distortions, and propoganda as if they were truth, and then use that to prove your point? In rhetorical parlance, that's a "hysteron proteron." Maybe you should learn the facts, first, chica. It must suck to know that your posts are met with peals of unsymapthetic laughter!

beakerkin said...


If you should see the Marxist Mallard let him know how you feel about the Workers Paradise.


The far left is built on hate.Their flowery words and attempted accademic posturing do not disguise their true nature.

Greg said...

beakerkin: though I'm not familiar with the fellow, I sure will!

Freedomnow: though in my gut I feel you're right, isn't it only normal to hate those who've oppressed you for hundreds of years. You know, Russian oppression of the Jews didn't start with the Communist era in the USSR. It goes far, far back. And, so I will never see the house I grew up in or the first school I attended b/s I don't ever want to return, if even for a short stay, to a country that still poisons the minds of its citizens with anti-American slander and anti-Semitic propaganda.

Freedomnow said...


Hate is a natural emotion that can help you in a situation where your life is in danger.

But it also clouds your mind. If you hate them then you would want to oppose them as best as you could. Your opposition to them would be most effective if you can look at them more objectively to understand their weaknesses.

A thug will often attempt to intimidate his opponents so that they cannot think strategically.

With a clear mind you will be able to debate them better. If your hatred controls you, it will only get in the way.