Monday, May 08, 2006

Playing the Race Card

(on the left) A military helicopter drops supplies for victims of Hurricane Katrina (on the right) New Orleans school buses that could have been used for evacuation by the local authorities.

A Claim of Racism is Born

We are all prone to error so it is important to evaluate all of the data that is available to us in a rational manner. Since human nature leads us to think with our emotions, we need to develop the necessary skills to separate facts from emotions. The objective is to avoid basing our conclusions on our desires and prejudices.

In the world of blogging there is an inevitable dynamic that comes into play when conservatives, or those who ally themselves with conservatives, argue with their left-leaning opponents. Sooner or later the conservatives are going to be accused of being racially prejudiced. It is as predictable as the rising of the sun every morning.

So last week when the Communist commentator with the alias of “John Brown” called me a white supremacist I couldn’t help but to be both disgusted and amused at the same time. I was disgusted because of the obvious indignation that a person feels at being called a racist and amused because he didn’t realize that I am Puerto Rican.

As a matter of fact, the blog post that we were discussing had nothing to do with racism and Brown just came out of nowhere with such accusations. The blog is called “The Beak Speaks” and the post was titled, “The Introduction to the Black Book of Communism”

When I protested against Brown’s accusations he made the following reply,

“I expect that White Supremacists such as yourself would want to avert their eyes from the most flagrant display of how capitalism on Vanilla Sam’s plantation treats the most oppressed of all its myriad oppressed nationalities.

In the eyes of the White Supremacist, it’s always better to blame the victim than seriously analyze the cause of injustice and depravity… Especially when that cause is Whiteness.”

Whether or not Brown is a self loathing and guilt ridden white man or a South African Pygmy, is completely irrelevant. He clearly has problems dealing with issues that pertain to Caucasians and just assumed that I was white. Such behavior is fairly consistent for a person with an ideology that fabricates issues of racism in order to promote their outdated political beliefs. This Race Card Game is making reverse-racism socially acceptable.

Revolutionary Zeal at Target

A fine May Day article on AlterNet’s website really drives this home. They featured a rant against the exaggerated crimes of the retailer, Target. Take a good look at the quote below. It details the alleged lack of diversity at Target and is such a blatant slap of reverse-racism that I can’t believe they even published it;

“Entry level management people just don't know how to handle it, they seem to be insensitive to immigrant workers,” said Hesse. “In one store, there’s a lot of friction between managers and Somali workers. They hire these young white boys as managers, and then they run a crew of Somalis with a very condescending attitude.”

An African-American employee at the flagship Roseville, Minn. store (who asked that her name not be used for fear of retribution), said she feels as if she constantly suffers racial discrimination. She said there are no black supervisors on the overnight shift she works. “There are a lot of Somalis working on the overnight shift, but no Somali team leader.” She said she is tired of young white “team leaders” repeatedly telling her to work faster or do things differently.”

First off, I grew up in the ghetto and I know that the term “white boy” is always used to belittle whites. So they are off to a bad start.

Secondly, the management at any retail store will invariably ask their employees to work harder and in accordance to the policies determined by their corporate headquarters (regardless of the race of the manager).

Since such resentment is obviously not the result of racism at the hands of their management, it clearly shows that the resentment stems from one of two things. Either the employees are dissatisfied with the physical working conditions (not related to racism) or they are prejudiced against their management.

None of the criticism offered against Target management is unusual in the workplace or suggests any misconduct. However, the use of racially belittling language by the employees does suggest reverse-racism. Under Somalian management the employees would still be asked to worker harder and perform according to the standards of Target.

Hurricane McKinney & Other Tall Tales

Our society is inundated by frivolous accusations of racism. You may find that it can be a useful tool when you get into trouble. Rep. Cynthia McKinney of Georgia received quite a bit of publicity when she punched a white US Capitol Policeman in late March. To defend her actions she made a strong insinuation of racism, “What I have suggested and what many other people have, quite frankly, suggested is that the issue of racial profiling needs to be one that is discussed and dealt with by the American people…”

So what does racial profiling have to do with her alleged assault on a Capitol Hill Policeman? As almost everyone knows, security in the Capitol has been beefed up due to the fallout of 9/11. McKinney admits that she wasn’t wearing the necessary label pin that lawmakers are supposed to wear to identify themselves. The police officer called out several times asking her to stop, but she ignored his requests. Therefore he grabbed McKinney in order to stop her. She responded by turning around and punching him. All of this was caught on tape and there is no dispute over these facts, only the accusations of racial profiling and inappropriate touching have been disputed.

Now in my experience I have never seen anyone punch a cop and get away with it. McKinney is a very privileged person to come away from this episode without the hassle almost anyone else would have (like getting your ass kicked and arrested). She makes an unlikely target for racism.

It is interesting to note that McKinney has a history of making accusations of racism against Washington D.C. security officers. After one of her episodes she made the following quote in response, “I am absolutely sick and tired of having to have my appearance at the White House validated by white people”.

The fun doesn’t stop there...I would like to leave you with some more amazing quotes:

(McKinney’s take on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina)
“…As I saw the African Americans, mostly African American families ripped apart, I could only think about slavery, families ripped apart, herded into what looked like concentration camps...”

“…They (the US government) will round up 21 million negroes because they were afraid of freeing black people…”

“It appears to me that the American people might have a criminal syndicate running their government”

“Authorities tell us that the world changed on September 11th. As a result, university professors must watch what they say in class or be turned in to the “speech” police. Elected officials must censor themselves or be censured by the media. Citizens now report behavior of suspicious-looking people to the police…”

Click here to see McKinney in action. It’s a video of a disturbing interview conducted after she was accidentally caught on tape putting down one of her aides. Watch as she manages to make the act of smiling a threatening characteristic. McKinney is one of those rare people who calculates every word, facial expression and body movement. A master of intimidation.

I think irrational hatred is behind a lot of this misplaced sentiment. The Left and Islamists are obsessed with hatred and never fail to remind us of it…

...Don’t like white authority figures?
Then punch them.

...Don’t like the formation of the Jewish state of Israel?
Then blow up an Israeli wedding.

...Don’t like the US occupation of Iraq?
Then blow up a crowd of happy children waving at American GIs.

Hate Hate Hate…


beakerkin said...


I did want to post an article about how or blog community was more diverse then Brown gave us credit for.

The whole notion of race is antithetical to most conservatives or moderates. We are more concerned with abitities and practical solutions.

nanc said...

and to think i've always just thought of you as a fox like me! well, i still do and i don't care if you're purple and beak is chartreuse or beamish gun metal grey...well, yeah i care, because that would mean i'm in the midst of real aliens which i do not believe in. so please no more details. i wish to remain color blind for all my days.

brownie is a nutcase and probably won't even be big enough to make a coherent statement here.

these are priceless observations put into words i could not convey. fern - i've said it before - yours is one of the very best blogs of its kind and i'm glad to call you my friend...whether you like it or not.

Warren said...

Nanc said"
"brownie is a nutcase and probably won't even be big enough to make a coherent statement here."

Where has he ever made a coherent statement?

Always On Watch said...

Freedom Now,
He clearly has problems dealing with issues that pertain to Caucasians and just assumed that I was white.

He also assumed that I was a man. I see that he's been reading some of my comments at others' blogs because now I'm dubbed "Ms. Watch."

This constant playing of the race card is the logic fallacy of appeal to the people (just to name one fallacy). What used to be news coverage has now degenerated to that particular logic fallacy. Perhaps one reason for that degeneration is ratings/sales, but that's just one of the reasons. Superficial thinking and laziness also play in, as well as hidden agenda.

One author who addresses the problems with playing the race card is John McWhorter. I recommend his books.

Furthermore, playing the race card is evidence of a persecution complex. Therapy needed!

I have hestitated to say the following many times because I don't want to sound defensive or like a braggart....Calling me a "white supremacist" is ridiculous. My husband and I have so many African-American friends, from all levels of incomes. And I do mean "all." More than that, though. Of all the many guests who have stayed in our home, the majority have been black, and several have been homeless (most temporarily homeless and in need of a leg up to get started again), right off the street in a few cases and some with substance problems. Our neighbors think we're taking risks, but my husband and I don't feel that way. We hang around people we like, and our association with them has nothing to do with race or political-party affiliation. Therefore, listing me as a "klansman" is beyond the realm of reality. And I can't be bothered with trying to reason with the deluded--beyond my qualifications, so to speak.

The lack of coherency is enough to drive a composition teacher like me right up the wall. Even Ducky mentioned that Brownie has a problem with focus.

Of course, Brownie is basing everything on a thesis statement based on hate--and an unprovable thesis statement, at that.

Freedomnow said...


I'm afraid if Beak is chartreuse then I really cant be seen associating with him. Since you are my friend whether I like it or not, then I guess I can still hang out with you. On second thought, I'd better not dis Beak or you will break my face (even though he is a bit greenish around the edges).


That would be a good find one coherent post by Brownie. I fear that it may be a lost cause.


Warm up some supper cause I'm coming over. I need a place to crash for a couple of weeks while the Communists are looking for me.


Your little community of bloggers is a culturally diverse rainbow of inquiring minds. You guys are practically hippy love children, except for Mr B (he's your Charles Manson).


F.B. Jones said...

Hey, Don't you call me a hippy love child. I would rather be call a racist. HAHAHAHA

Funny how a lot of us are not white or married to a "non-white". I have been saying it all week but it bares repeating. This is the same as running out of bullets and throwing the gun. When backed into a corner there is nothing else to do.
1. When you use your one point and have nothing else to say to prove your point. Call them a racist.
2. See rule 1

nanc said...

purple and chartreuse are perfect together - those are the colors i've started doing my husband's bathroom in - as for the gunmetal grey...well, beamish is the only one who can carry that off well!

Freedomnow said...


I'm not too crazy about the curtains.


Your knowledge of Liberal debating tactics is scary. I suspect that you have come to such a conclusion because you are a racist.

Theres really not much more that I can add except for the fact that you are a racist.

...Remember wearing Hemp Sandals helps to nurish our Mother Gaia.

F.B. Jones said...

My last bass was machine gun grey. man it was sexy.

American Crusader said...

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were some of the innovators of this double standard. They could practically say anything about the white population and if you disagreed, you were labeled a racist. The Tywana Brawley case being a perfect example.

In the post you were called a racist, the topic was about France trying to extradite Moussaoui. He turned the subject into something entirely different and then began one of his racist tirades.

JB is unable to make an argument without resorting to name slinging slanderous attacks. This isn't a sign of strength, in fact it shows shallowness of character and weakness.

nanc said...

um, fern - who's josh? or are you talking to yourself again.

Freedomnow said...

Oops sorry Jacob. I am getting senile.

Lets blame it on racism...


Al Sharpton is definitely up there with the worse of them. Thats how he gets his votes and publicity. He relies on fabricating accusations of racism.

From Hurricane Katrina to Iraq he has a one stop shop.

F.B. Jones said...


nanc said...

if you guys haven't been to madze's in the last day or two - you should go see what kahaneloyalist had to say - talk about funny, yet serious!

nanc said...

touch my thesaurus and it's curtains - got it?

Mad Zionist said...

Puerto Rican Supremacist.

FLORIAN said...

Freedom now! You and I must unite and kill the gringo...hispanic power! LOL...j/k. Great article pal! I find it just as interesting when people accuse me of racism--of course I am white (as all spaniards are). Fact is, when a liberal accuses you of racism that is the first indicator that you've won the argument. They can't fight the facts or the statistics--so they pull out the card. It's childish to be honest, and I just chuckle when I'm accused of it. The people that accuse conservatives of racism clearly have no understanding of what REAL RACISM really is.

FLORIAN said...

FERN: Did you ever post at FPM? What was your tag?

nanc said...

uhm, flo - fern is my name for fern - you should probably call him mr. now or should see how he threatened beak over that - it wasn't pretty. not pretty at all.

nanc said...

madze - bwaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!

i'll never forget the first time i heard my lily white sister call her half black children "niglets" - of course that's her prerogative - i thought i'd die laughing!

FLORIAN said...

So I must refrain from FERN eh Nanc? Ok. FN will be fine I hope.

nanc said...

well, flo - that's entirely up to fern - if you knew the story, you might hesitate calling him that - as i have no fear of repercussions, or am just plain invincible - i call him that because - well - he cannot stop me!

Freedomnow said...

Theres been a lot of cheap shots at my expense calling me a racist and Puerto Rican supremacist.

My feelings are very hurt, but not as hurt as Nanc will be when I take her thesaurus.


Nope I never posted at FPM, but I met a lot of the bloggers in our little "webring" at Moonbat Central a year ago. The ultimate Bear Cage, No rules Blog Wrestling Arena.

Actually Richard Poe did delete a couple of my posts when I challenged a moonbat to a duel, but they werent too bad.

nanc said...

i think poe deleted me a couple of times, but i did like him - frisky! rocco dipippo is my all time favorite and will remain so - at least he never threatens to take my thesaurus!

Elmer's Brother said...


I have a pet "progressive" who has banned me from her blog because she ran out of argument, dropped the race card several times, cussed me out then reported ME to the administrators for offending comments. Yep you know you won when they start dropping the race card.

Freedomnow said...


I know how your pet progressive feels. Nanc is just flagrantly throwing around her sophisticated vocabulary and stealing my thunder.

Who can compete with words like chartreuse?

You see I have no choice but to confiscate her thesaurus.

...I am so misunderstood...

nanc said...

okay, lime green. but don't tell my family.

F.B. Jones said...

I am a big fan a calling my kids half-breeds. My wife has a good sense of humor so I get away with a lot. Niglete is funny as long as it is said with love. of course if anyone called my kids halfbreeds but me I'd killem. I love double standards.

Freedomnow said...

but if you were to call your kids "chartreusies" then you would be an absolute wacko...

F.B. Jones said...

I plan on calling them my little gooky poos. I can't wait to have children.

F.B. Jones said...


Freedomnow said...

I am not a racist, I am just proud of my race...

So whos the illegal alien, pilgrim?

(Lets hope that Nanc doesnt mother a child with a Martian. That would give her the excuse to nickname her lime-green halfbreeds as chartreusies.)

FLORIAN said...

Puerto Rican's--Illegal? Yeah right. Since 1898 Puerto Rico is a US territory.

Freedomnow said...

Dont try to confuse things with facts...

beakerkin said...


I don't think you heard the story about what happened after 9-11. I was there and saw the whole thing. Any description of my behavior on that day as heroic misses by a mile. I ran on that day but that was my role .

On the Saturday after 9-11 the local commies held a rally in Union Square Park around three miles to the South the WTC was still burning. There was a horrible smell that I can not describe a lingering burning evil unforetable smell of fiery death.

2000 Commies held a " peace protest " and blamed the Jews, Israel, CIA, Haliburton , Neocons , Mossad and Larry Silverstein . The media widely reported Falwell's stupid remarks but said zero about 2,000 anti semitic commie nuts. I saw the protest and much of Brown's conspiracy talk started there.

On that day I became a Cold Warrior again .

nanc said...

(let's hope that nanc doesn't mother ANOTHER child - period!), since nancpop had the snipjob 13 1/2 years ago!

where on a harley would we put a baby once these are out of the house?

Freedomnow said...

Hey Beak,

The "Anti-War" movement is creating Patriots. Every Pro-Terrorist march adds more Pro-US bloggers like us.


You know as well as anyone that those crafty aliens can fix the fixing. Is there something that you want to say?...

nanc said...


Freedomnow said...

That confirms the worst.

This is too much to handle, I will make the journey to the discotheque so that I can become a monk (or do they call them mortuaries or orphanages? ...oh you know what I mean, wherever they keep those silent scribes that practice kung fu and bad haircuts).

F.B. Jones said...

I am glad you are proud of your race. I am proud of your race too. It just sucks that when white folks are proud of their race they are called racist for real. I wish the equality we all want so much would be a little more equal.

If Nanc and I are grounded siblings, then I guess that makes you our parent. So I guess that makes me half Puerto Rican. I wonder which half.

Can I borrow the car tonight?

Freedomnow said...

I lent it to your sister...

nanc said...

it was stolen...

Freedomnow said...

Oh I forgot to tell to you dearie. That car was your birthday present.

Happy B-Day!!!!!!!!!!