Sunday, April 09, 2006

Attacking the President

The Anti-Bush Chronicles

It seems the more people rage about Bush the more I like the guy. Typically when I meet a Bush hater and say something favorable about our President, I get the third degree right off the bat. In such situations these fanatics almost invariably attempt to force me to change my mind immediately. I find this attitude to be very immature. After all, adults who have made up their mind on an issue aren’t going to shift gears at the drop of a hat. To take such an attitude is not only immature, but it reveals a projection of a mild dementia in such thinking.

This is my opinion and not meant as a low blow against my opponents. I am merely stating that such people deal in such absolutes that they cannot tolerate the idea that any intelligent or sane American can have an opposing viewpoint to their caricature of Bush as a lying warmonger. While I consider their hatred of Bush to be outlandish, I still respect their opinions. At least until they begin personal attacks against me, such attacks usually include accusations that I am brainwashed or racist. I do not appreciate those insinuations and in many circumstances I do not tolerate them.

Since Bush is responsible for all the evil in world I decided to do a web search on Bush because every time in the past that I have done such searches they turn up the most hysterical results. I wasn’t disappointed either, conspiracy nuts rule the Internet.

In particular I found one website that was so ridiculous that it amused me to no end. It’s called “Bush’s Jr. Skeleton Closet” and it rehashes some of the silliest propaganda that is out there (literally). According to this site Bush has committed an endless stream of crimes and immoral acts. The President of the United States is the great Satan himself. I have included a partial list of the vile acts against humanity and nature committed by Bush-Hitler. One these acts that I listed below didn’t come from the “Bush Skeleton” website, I just made it up for fun and to challenge my readers to guess which one is mine. Good luck…

1. Bush grew up in a rich family

2. He drank from high school until he was 40 years old (he is now 59 years old).

3. He joined the secretive "Skull and Bones" club in 1968

4. Made millions from legal business deals.

5. Got elected as governor of Texas due to his name recognition.

6. He has a lot of rich friends.

7. His brother was governor of Florida while he was governor of Texas (the first time two brothers were simultaneous governors since the Rockefellers).

8. His family is friends with Billy Graham.

9. He spoke about 9/11 in a church (with religious leaders of most religions in attendance).

10. He didn’t vote until he was 34 years old.

11. The lack of integrity runs in his family (and perhaps all rich white non-liberals?).

12. He doesn’t like websites that slander him.

13. As governor he had some protesters arrested.

14. In the 2000 primary he schemed against his opponent John McCain.

15. He assaulted dissent by outing a top-secret undercover CIA desk agent.

16. Although almost every intelligence agency in world and the UN believed that Saddam was hiding WMD, Bush knew that Saddam had none and lied to justify an invasion.

17. 30 years ago Bush was convicted of a drunk-driving charge and briefly tried to hide the fact from reporters.

18. In 1998 Bush has been accused of committing high treason by lying to a reporter about this arrest (all testimonies given to reporters are considered equal to being under oath).

19. In 1999 Bush gave evasive answers to such questions on a CBS interview.

20. He convinced a court to lift his driving suspension early and downplayed his drinking.

21. At the age of 40 he quit drinking. This is relevant because he has no right to tell kids about the dangers of such a lifestyle because it would be hypocritical.

22. He is rumored to have been busted for using cocaine about 35 years ago.

23. He is accused of having an affair with a married woman when he was single and an affair with an unmarried woman when he was married. He is also accused of getting Larry Flynt’s girlfriend pregnant! Mr. Flynt is the publisher of Hustler and is an anti-Bush activist.

24. During Vietnam war he served in the National Guard (this leads to a gang of conspiracies during his time there, in which he committed an untold number of treasonous activities).

25. He sold oil stock right before Saddam invaded Kuwait.

26. Some of his friends are Arab.

27. There is a picture of Bush with ZZ Top and he is alleged to have played air guitar to a Foghat record at a party in the seventies.

Dang, I’m Bushed from all of these accusations and this is just an incomplete list. If you believe this website then you will find that Hitler could only have dreamt of being so evil. However, this website just preaches to the converted, stating tired talking points that spin over and over and over. In our society politicians are subjected to such vicious campaigns of character assassination that their accusers become pathological liars and reality winds up being tarred and feathered.

I will leave you with an urgent letter from a SF Indymedia patron, Tom McKay:

CIA Mind-Control Slavery

Dear San Francisco Independent Media Center,

Thank you for reporting the story about Margie Schoedinger. This story is typical of the treatment inflicted on CIA Mind-Controlled Slaves. Unfortunately many innocent people have been attacked and abused by members of the Global Elite such as President George Walker Bush. This behavior is much larger than what may have happened to a single person.

George Walker Bush is a member of the Illuminati secret society, and the Order of Skull and Bones secret society. Both of these groups are exclusive clubs for the Elite.

These groups have so much power they control law enforcement from the CIA on down to the neighborhood watch. They also control the Courts from the Supreme Court on down. They rarely get arrested, prosecuted or convicted. They are so far above the law that they have become insanely corrupt. Remember that "Power Corrupts."

Margie Schoedinger's case is similar to the way many thousands of people have been treated by the Global Elite. There have been a number of books written about this sort of thing. "Thanks for the Memories," by Brice Taylor is my favorite. "Trance Formation of America," by Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips, is another book.

The CIA was deeply involved in developing many different techniques to enslave, hypnotize, and brainwash people. It is the greatest atrocity since the Holocaust. It is difficult to know how many people around the world are being treated in a similar fashion. Some people have estimated that there are more than a million people being attacked at various levels of intensity. Some people are trauma-based Mind-Controlled Slaves. Some people are controlled by microchip implants in their bodies. This must be exposed and stopped.

Tom McKay


Always On Watch said...

Even if--I'm saying IF!!!--some of the accusations might be true, the ludicrousness of most of them is so palpable as to render what these nutjobs say null and void.

Bush-hatred seems to be a form of mental disorder. I cannot understand it, of course, because I'm a sane person.

Warren said...

What happens when the battery in my chip goes dead?

Do the aliens come and abduct me to change it?

nanc said...

i imagine for some people, contrary is a good thing and then for others of us it is the ONLY thing. welcome to the contrary club fern - do not try and steal my avatar!

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

The mind control lasers orbiting the Earth can only lock on to minds not clouded by hallucinogens. For everyone else, there's tin foil. (No, not aluminum foil. What do you mean you can't find tin foil in a store? You didn't stock up? SUCKER! See, it's a conspiracy!)


Crush a cup of Corn Flakes cereal into a fine powder with a mortar and pestel. Pour the powder on to a thin paper plate. Run a strong magnet under the plate as you pour the powder onto another paper plate. Rake the small iron filings that are stuck by magnetism to the plate directly into your mouth and swallow with a glass of water. The magnetism will also scramble the RFID tracking tag programming encoded on the iron filings, but your blood stream will still charge electrolytes from it to keep the chip in your head powered up. Just don't ever eat Corn Flakes without extracting the iron filings. It takes years to erase the nanotech imprinting from one bowl.

nanc said...

no wonder i've NEVER been able to eat corn flakes - i knew there was a very good reason...that or the fact that i hate milk!

Freedomnow said...

I have to break it to you guys, that it is true that Bush is a white non-liberal rich man and therefore he will not survive the upcoming purge to be led by Hugo Chavez and his unstoppable army of Katrina Survivors.

Each soldier in this army is supplied with 100 gallons of oil and an AK47 (he just bought a million of them).

I fear the end is near...

Warren said...

Cuz, Now I know what's wrong with ol' shortfuse. She's been trying to get me to eat corn flakes for years!

Think she's in on the plot?

"I fear the end is near..."

Yea, me too. I think I'll go climb a tree and get a head start on the rush to leave.

nanc said...


i counted approximately 57 horses on my way to church (2 1/2 miles away) this morning - i don't need no stinking fuel, just a very good saddle with lady supplies - yeah, a month's worth of payday candybars and some water - oh, yeah and sunglasses - i don't need anything but those things. well, those things and a blackberry and my cell phone. yeah, those things are all i need...oh, and an umbrella...those are all the things i need...lest i forget my .357 and plenty of ammunition...those are all the things i need...

GUYK said...

I am not a Bush fan..but not because of any on the left wing BS. I started wondering about him when he put a tariff on imported steel and finally fell out with him over his refusal to veto the pork laden bills that came to him from congress. I was and still am pro war against the Islamic fanatics-and I think that includes about 90 percent of Islam. But I didn't like the way that the war was fought in the beginning and it appears now that many of us old soldiers were correct. A blitz to gain ground that you cannot hold and protect is useless. Bush went into Iraq fast and furious then slowed to a halfstep instead of continuing to disarm the population and take total control of the country.

I voted for Bush twice. And, presented with the same options I would have no choice but to vote for him agian. I am hoping for a better choice in 2008

FreeThinker said...

I think Bush would be a fun drinking buddy. Despite his current sobriety, he does not belong in the White House. He's in way over his head. Just my opinion.

Freedomnow said...

Bush inherited a huge problem from his father and Bill Clinton. He is taking care of business. So Bush gets all the blame and none of the glory.

This is a war, but it is a terrorist war. Terrorists fight primarily to inflict psychological damage on its opponent.

Since our Republic does not control the press and freedom is not restricted during a limited war on this scale, the terrorists have a unique advantage. This is something that the opposition sees as an opportunity for its political ambitions.

The reality on the ground says that escalation is not an option because the US is already under intense scrutiny and criticism for liberating Iraq. Reflection on the events over the past year suggests that progress has been made and there is no reason to believe that it will not continue to improve, but at a similarly slow rate.

Thugs work by intimidation. Their efforts are geared towards bullying their victims into self-doubt.

If you keep your eye on the ball and dont let them distract you, they can be defeated.

American Crusader said...

I'm sure you noticed that Democrats don't often bring up the economy. Strong economic growth and low unemployment rates are almost ignored in the MSM. Instead they try to smear his background or question his intelligence.

Freedomnow said...

ha ha haaaaa.

Ducky says that the economy is shaky. Some people are so deluded that they are not willing to concede anything positive, which is just as bad as someone who refuses to see any negatives...

nanc said...

i'm a little mad at george today.

Freedomnow said...

What did George do to you today?

Please contact the Impeach/Censure/Execute Bush Committee immediately!

Jeff Bargholz said...

Tom McKay sounds like the next DNC Chairman.

Freedomnow said...

Just do us all a favor and dont tell him about how Bush is going to force the Martians to eat Tex-Mex food and become Born Again Christians.

We just weened Tom McKay off of UFO conspiracies and we dont want to get him started again.