Sunday, April 16, 2006

American Crusader Awards Freedom Now

Freedom Wins Big

[EDITORS NOTE: May 23rd, 2006 - After a short absence due to illness AC temporarily shut down his blog. He is now back with a new blog, “Yankees Go Home”]

The phones are ringing off the hook to congratulate me on my second win for the prestigious “Comments of the Week Award” at American Crusader’s blog.

While AC also gave strong consideration to my entry for the “Poem of the Week Award” entitled, “The Passion of the Dung Beetle, My Beloved Scarabaeidae”, I’m afraid that poetry lovers were disappointed by the poem’s failure to capture what should have been a well deserved world title.

Regardless, a logo for the “Comments of the Week Award” has been commissioned by President Bush and Congress so I am submitting it to AC for his usage.

(excerpts from AC’s blog...)

Comment(’s) of the Week
Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. I hope everyone gets the chance to enjoy Easter with family.

As always, a very difficult choice to narrow down what I thought were this week’s best comments. The first is in reference to George Bush being referred to as Genghis Kahn.

1. Freedomnow said...

That is a great reference point for Arabs because the Mongols swept into their countries and spread obscene amounts of terror, just like they did to Europe.

However, the difference is night and day. Arab Nationalists will claim that the US has raped and massacred Iraq, but the US liberation of that country was the most humane in the history of warfare.

Cities like Basra were surronded but not bombed. I have never heard of a siege of a city where people and goods were allowed so freely in and out of the city.

The coalition did not target public utilities and Baghdad had power until late in the war when fighting knocked down utility lines and after the conflict was over looters finished the job.

I remember one incident when US troops were invited to meet with a Shiite cleric, but when US troops came to visit him they were blocked by angry Iraqis who thought they were there to arrest him. In response the US commander ordered his troops to kneel down in front of the protesters to show good intentions. Some of the protesters joined the US troops and I will never forget the picture of that episode.

What B.S.

(AC commented...) I couldn't agree Islamic bullshit.

The second was in response to Chad coming under the influence of Sudan and Islamic rebels.

2. bld said...

What an opportunity for the Christian West to intervene. Genuine brutality that needs to be checked. Oil reserves that will fall into the so called peaceful moslim hands.
I have heard uk Minister over a year ago saying that they were monitiring what was happening and "talking" to the Sudan regime.
Hilary Benn is another British minister like Jack Straw.
Big on sound bites and small on action.
Sometimes the horror of reality just hurts too much.
Our self satisfied Governments are like pieces of litter blowing which ever way the wind is taking them.
To hell, possibly.

(AC commented...)
Opportunities lost and wasted.


nanc said...

that's my fern.

r.m. is making fun of my avatar at autonomist! that's it for him!

nanc said...

great op/ed at watimes this morning:

Always On Watch said...

Freedom Now,
What a nice thing to do for Crusader!

Off to read Nanc's link now.

Iran Watch said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
American Crusader said...

Excellent artwork...I would like to use that in the future if it's all right. Sorry about the influx of phone calls...I hope he didn't ruin York Easter weekend. Did W call?

Iran Watch said...

I was going to comment on the artwork as well. nanc, I have some serious questions to ask you about your Avatar?

Freedomnow said...

Thats what I made it for AC. W kept frantically calling me because he wanted that award artwork.

I have just one request, please tell your friends not to call between 12am to 9am.

Otherwise, its pretty damn exciting!!!!

(your avatar is top notch IWatch)

nanc said...

mine's cuter.

nanc said...

i wish you'd wear yours for a day or two. people love yours - i think it's the eyes. you may have gone and hurt warren's feelings.

nanc said...

get up and greet the day, fern! this in from breitbart:

Freedomnow said...

Your librarian skills are astounding.


nanc said...

i know how to juggle also. i can also whistle "dixie". yeah, multi-talented. there are no heights to which i cannot soar!

bet you're sorry i ever learned how to copy and paste?

nanc said...

p.s. - i'm concerned with beamish - you may wish to pay him a visit - something about blogger block. if it can happen to beamish - it could happen to ANYBODY.

Solid Surfer said...

Congrats on the award. That comment is very true and meaningful, and the more people that undesrstand it, the better.

nanc said...

FERN - check this out - i think it may include you:

American Crusader said...

It better be prepared in case W has already co-opted me.

MissingLink said...

Congratulations FreedomNow.
And how does it feel being an instant celebrity an' all? ;-)
(apart from the avalanche of phone callas)

nanc said...

well, linkster - he's always been a celebrity to me. well, more like a sub-celebrity - me being lucy and him being ethel. i'd like to thank the academy....sure hope it's not curtains for me...

Freedomnow said...

Just keep whistling Dixie.


nanc said...

morning fern! had to take my baby (ford escort wagon) out of mothballs into town and perticate her as i refuse to pay nearly $3.00 a gallon to fill up the 'burban - how on earth are minimum wage people going to make it?

it's getting uglier by the minute out in the world.

Freedomnow said...

You could work more hours.

ummm...what did I just say?...nevermind, youre right - its getting ugly out there.

nanc said...

i WILL be working more hours once the kids are out of school! how did you arrange that btw?

we CAN pay that amount for fuel, but i'm protesting the high prices by conserving - i'm going to tell wueger when we speak next and maybe he won't be so nice to me! it will be one less thing we have in common.

have you seen the washtimes yet this morning? check this out:

nanc said...

that maddass insane was a great guy, wasn't he?:

Freedomnow said...

Thanks for the link to the article.

I feel sorry for Bush haters, they are so desperate for something to discredit the US for.

They make a valid point and stretch it to criticize the US. While it is true that democracy and increasing Iranian influence has given more power to Islamists, they ignore the fact that Saddam had initiated a Sharia-like Faith Campaign to implement harsh Islamic law.

This led to severe punishments for women in morality-based crimes. Such punishments do not exist or are not as harsh under the current Iraqi administration.

Groups like this UN news agency intentionally put the blame on the US, instead of the Iranian-bought Islamists who currently persecute women. Fanatics like Sadr dont miss the irony and are very encouraged.

Leftists are absolutely fascinating.

Freedomnow said...

Thanks for linking me Missing Link (this sentence is a bit redundant eh?)

Now that I got the fame, I gotta work on the fortune.

nanc said...

when you get both, you'll develop a headache and never be happy - that's why i'd much rather be famous than rich - i'll let the rest of my immediate family be wealthy and then just live off them.