Sunday, December 11, 2005

Winning the Reconstruction

All the failures of the Iraqi insurgency can be overshadowed in just one terrorist attack on a bakery, mosque or wedding. At the same time, all the contributions from a staggering amount of Iraqi reconstruction projects can be obscured by a single newspaper article quoting an Iraqi who complains of power outages. Regardless of the fact that the electrical grid was in worse shape* before the liberation and demand has dramatically increased.

Such misconceptions have the appearance of an unbeatable one-two punch. At the very least, there is no doubt that this situation puts the US and her Iraqi allies in a difficult situation.

So what would it take for substance to triumph over sensationalism? …Time…

While no reporter will win a Pulitzer Prize for covering the reconstruction, the longer that reconstruction projects continue - the more undeniable their success will be. Given time, the US economic powerhouse can revitalize Iraq just like she did for Germany, Japan and South Korea (none of which happened overnight). This fact has motivated me to contribute to organizations like “US Aid” and “Spirit of America”.

I would recommend that every American contribute to the reconstruction. In this war there are no war bonds or victory gardens, but that doesn’t mean that no one cares.

Below are some links to articles on the current reconstruction effort:

“Canal Projects – Basrah”

“Reconstruction in Najaf and Mosul”

“Post Battle of Fallujah Reconstruction”

“Victims of Baathist Regime receive artificial limbs”

“New power cable in Baghdad”

“Iraq Project & Contracting Office – Summary of US efforts”


US AID project to purchase and supply diesel powered water pumps for Iraqi farmer cooperatives:

“You Can Help Provide Water Pumps to Iraqi Farmers”

Iraqi farmers depend on irrigation networks to supply water to their farms.

Theme: Economic Development
Location: Iraq Need: $8,000

* Footnote: While some people in Baghdad had electricity 24 hours a day before the liberation, the Coalition set up the electric grid with a more equitable distribution. Therefore many more Iraqis have access to electricity than they did before. Critics of the occupation consistently fail to address the fact that the favoritism of the Baathist Regime is no more.

Picture at the top of the article is of an Iraqi firefighter receiving training from a US military officer in Kirkuk.


GUYK said...

The left wing media and European socialists do not want the USA to succeed in Iraq and although they don't have the balls to join the fight against the USA they do what they can through the media. I have come to the conclusion that there is gonna be a war in the USA someday-maybe not next year or even in the next twenty but there is a war coming bertween the socialists and those who are refusing to give up liberty. I probably will not live to see it-damn. But I also have no doubt as to who will win and I have no pity for those who choose to side with the socialists.

This happened in Spain-the socalists lost. It happened in Russia and the socialists won. Which country do you think is better off now? The problem in Spain is that the socialists are now using the vote and thye media to swing the vote to get their way and ripp off the producers. The same thing is happening in this country.

However, in the USA the problem is compounded by the government greed as well as by the greed of corporations who depend on government for their very survival. Both the far right wing and the far left wing are dangerous and I suspect are actually in secret alliance to FUCK over the rest of us.

nanc said...

you have no idea how puffed up i am that my fern is a person of benevolence. i knew there was a grand reason i appreciate you so much and now you have put my finger on it. you softy. i must go have a moment now.

and just so you know this is not facetiousnanc talking. i mean this from the bottom of my heart. just goes to show a sense of humor and a sense of giving go hand in hand.

oh, and you know what happens when you jerk me around!

nanc said...

ouch guyk - there's a lady in the room!

Freedomnow said...

Oh boy, Guy is pissed!!!!! I dont want to stand between you and them Socialists.

Just a thought. As long as the US enjoys a strong economy there aint gonna be no civil war. While Old Europe suffers from declining population and economic growth, we continue to thrive (despite the loss of manufacturing business). We are still on the upswing.

Unfortunately, Corruption is human nature and even the best govts suffer from it.

Remember that enemy propaganda seeks to discourage and confuse you. From now on civilian morale will determine the fortunes of war.

Freedomnow said...


You are such a Nanc, thanks

nanc said...

well, thank you...

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

12 12 05

Freedom now: EXCELLENT post!!! And I feel the same way about socialists as GuyK. But some of the recent GOP AND DEM moves in usurping our individual freedoms show us that no party or person is free from corruption. I also wanted to point out how wonderful your encouragement to give to Reconstruction is. I will highlight this post right now for my update section because I believe that we must all take responsiblity for assisting those touched by this war.And especially those who are ready for a change!!! Great post:)

Freedomnow said...

Thanks Mahndisa,

Like you talked about the benefits of positive growth in society, we owe Iraq just as much.

Socialists may have earned the right to be despised for their totalitarianism, but don’t let hatred rule you.


kuhnkat said...


excellent post.

I would suggest that USAID may not be the best venue though. They still funnel funds to the so-called Palestinians. As long as there is no oversight of where and how the money is used I would recommend against them.

Freedomnow said...

Isnt that ironic that the most "imperialistic anti-Arab" and pro-Israeli country, the USA, is the biggest contributor to the welfare of the Palestinian people?

For the Palestinian NGOs, US AID does what it is instructed to and they dont determine US policy.

I have complete confidence in US AID's humanitarian efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

They are more in tune with the pajamas media than Spirit of America because they leave html code on their website for that very purpose and they are very responsive to requests. US AID is way ahead of the pack at this point.

What they are doing is really important. US AID is a tool to win the war in Iraq and I got some nails if they need them.