Thursday, December 08, 2005

Confessions of a Terrorist

Crossing into Iraq was easy and we slipped past the Syrian border completely undetected. My guide was a repulsive smuggler who I feared would rob and kill me on a whim. I was especially uncomfortable because I had no weapons and carried a large sum of cash that was to be used to help fund the holy war.

Through the hundreds of miles that my journey led me, I had plenty of time to think about why I took up the Jihad. Back in Saudi Arabia I had a supportive family, a well paying job and a pleasant life. In spite of this, an uneasy guilt had slowly crept into my consciousness as I selfishly satisfied my material needs.

There was also a deep rage that stirred within me whenever I read about the injustices of the infidels against the Muslim people. My schooling and religious studies had taught me of the terror brought upon Palestinian children by the Jews. The media reported on the rape of Iraq by the American crusaders. Meanwhile other infidels extended the oppression of monotheists around the world. This was how I came to the conclusion that the manhood of Islam was in question.

The biggest threat of all was western culture. No Muslim can escape Hollywood and fast food. In defiance of Islamic law I would go to the mall and use Bluetooth instant messaging to flirt with women. All you have to do is press the search button and every woman with a Bluetooth ID within the range of your phone would be available. Of course the religious police would detain any man associating with an unrelated woman, so this allowed me to safely break the law. I am ashamed to say that I was actually proud of my little brother when he was arrested for socializing with a girl. It was this attitude that led me to fall victim to illegal vices like alcohol and fornication. I continued down the path of temptation in the full knowledge that it was wrong.

In between surfing chat rooms and pornographic websites I also visited Jihad pages. This only served to confuse me further. The beauty of our martyrs made me ashamed of myself, yet I continued to embrace western corruption. My guilt grew with every injustice committed by the infidels and with every injustice I made against Allah.

Everything became clear to me when my honored Imam introduced me to a real Mujahideen who had fought in Afghanistan and Iraq. It was thrilling to hear him tell stories of our brave martyrs. Most importantly; he told me of the inhumane massacres, rape and torture of Muslims that were committed by the Americans. It was as if he read my mind when he spoke of how western culture is converting the faithful, imposing homosexuality, degrading women and forcing adultery upon the Arab people. I was given a video and told to think about the great sacrifice that I could make for Islam.

I must have watched the Mujahideen video 10 times that afternoon. Finally I was exhausted and turned it off. In the silence I stared at my plasma TV and all of my material wealth... the DVD player, stereo surround, Xbox, laptop and all the western decadence that I had embraced. I knew what my answer would be and it was a relief against the mountain of guilt that weighed me down. From then on I had a sense of purpose.

This is how I wound up as a holy warrior in Iraq and this is how things began to go horribly wrong. I was an educated man, how could I let this happen to myself? Not long after entering Iraq I was told to deliver a truck to a combat unit who would use it in a martyrdom operation. As my orders required, I parked the truck near a hotel and waited for my comrades to relieve me. Without warning the truck exploded in a great inferno. My superiors were worried that I would lose my nerve so they gave me misleading instructions and detonated the explosives from afar. The last thing I remember was watching a young girl walk by while holding her father’s hand. My greatest regret of all was to watch her die. I would give anything to change what I did, but I have nothing left to give.

I hope that this message reaches the world, because I have taken great pains to see that it does. Please let everyone know that when you commit such crimes you will not have 72 virgins waiting for you in hell, as a matter of fact there are no virgins in hell at all. Those who wish to be martyrs should choose life instead. They should be satisfied with just one woman and respect all of the life that Allah has created. It is too late for me, I have destroyed that which Allah loves and I shall pay for eternity.

…Whoever desires Paradise, proceeds towards goodness; whoever fears Hell, refrains from the impulses of passions…

Update 12/11/05 - Please note that this story is a work of fiction. The subject of the story is a dead suicide bomber writing from Hell.


GUYK said...

Yeah but you gotta hand it to the Muslems for their idea of paradise. It beats the ide of floating around on a cloud and playing a harp for eternity. I prefer the happy hunting grounds idea myself. There will always be something to shoot to eat but I will still have to be a pretty good shot to hit it.

Freedomnow said...

It will be hard to make it to the happy hunting grounds without a Shaman to guide you.

I might be able to help you with that, but you will have to pay in advance...of course!

nanc said...

happy hunting grounds a big bunch of b.s. according to my people - oglala sioux. it was built on assumption. of course there are the old-timers who still call it as happy hunting grounds.

for whom are the hunting grounds happy? certainly not the prey.

the search for truth, guyk, will bring you to it. of course it is not usually a path well travelled. that is why we are in the predicament we're in.

have a beauty weekend, fern.

Freedomnow said...

Hey, we're just trying to do a little business here. You have to come to the table with some merchandise before you can play.

Actually... you are our medicine woman so I dont mind losing this account because you give out your wisdom free of charge. Thats a hell of a deal.

Have a super weekend yerself

kuhnkat said...

Hey, just because the guy got cold feet over having 72 ex-virgins with synchronized periods on his back every month...

nanc said...

hey kuhnkat - what if those 72 virgins were also menopausal! omg - these idiots would soon be rethinking where they wish to spend eternity. or if the statement were really a "72" year old virgin! lol!!! somebody stop me!!!

Freedomnow said...

It makes me wonder if suicide bombers are motivated by religion or more material needs like sex with 72 hot virgins.

The men who send off these young martyrs are sick for spreading such misinformation. What a waste of what could have been productive lives.

This sickness is completely unaddressed. The blame goes to Bush or Israel, poverty or victimhood.

Few people are saying that there is a sickness in Islamic culture that leads to such anti-social behavior (thats putting it lightly). To say the truth puts you in danger of being labeled a racist, warmonger or hateful. It is ironic that the people who plan and carry out suicide bombings are guilty of all three of those points...

nanc said...

that's why hal lindsey got axed from tbn - he spoke the truth about islam and they cancelled his program. perhaps the biggest mistake tbn has ever made. i do not agree with all of hal's theology, but he has been spot on regarding islam.

i sent tbn an e-mail regarding their cancelling of his show and said his show was the only reason we watched tbn and lo and behold i got an e-mail back stating they had just "pre-empted" his program for the christmas season and he would be back after the holidays - a big lie. they cancelled him because he is right about islam.

he refused to paint islam with the broad brush so many others (including our president) are doing and is paying a price for it.

Freedomnow said...

I don’t think Bush has a choice because he has to pick and choose his battles. I actually like a lot of things he says about Islam.

The problem is that leftists always say we have to talk about what really causes terrorism. What they are really saying is "lets denounce the US and Israel".

The culture of religious bigotry in the Middle East is the real problem. Islam is at war with every major religion in the world. If we are going to try to fix the problem with terrorism we need an honest discussion of the true causes. How many Christian, Jewish, Hindu or Buddhist suicide bombers blow up mosques?

I am not urging violence on Muslims. I do urge a reformation of the Muslim religion. That does not make me a bigot and I have a right to be an infidel. I resent not being able to visit Mecca. There are no other countries in the world that prohibit anyone of a different religion from a whole city. It is barbaric. I am tolerant of those who do not believe as I do, I would hope that they would be tolerant of me as well.

Solid Surfer said...

That article is really revealing. I've read accounts of a few other former terrorists who repented as well, and one of them now is actually a prominent pro-Israel speaker and activist:

Freedomnow said...

Solid Surfer,

I'm sorry, I should have made it clear. That was a piece of fiction that I wrote.

nanc said...

finally, fern - someone takes you extremely serious or seriously extreme and you were just kidding! does anyone really know the real freedomnow?

nanc said...

but solid surfer is doing his homework - whalid shoebat is all that - definitely making his mark for israel.

Freedomnow said...


It wasn’t a joke, the story is directly aimed at those who deny the intolerance that leads rational people to commit such violent acts of hatred. The denial of the Jihad war machine is criminal. It is even worse than holocaust denial because it is happening now.

Shoebat is amazing and so is the Lebanese Christian woman who speaks with him on the From Hate to Love video.

kuhnkat said...

I read an article recently claiming to be about an interview with Islamofascists in Gaza I believe. Early in the interview the Islamo's were asked to show the interviewer where in the Quran it mentions the 72 virgins. During the interview he asked for an update with no results.

As he was leaving he asked a final time and they told him they could not find it.

I also read another article a while back quoting Islamic scholars which claimed that the appropriate Sura should be translated as a flower or, more likely, an Onion!!!

Boy, ain't them guys gonna be surprised when they get stuck peeling 72 onions for eternity!! I don't even want to think about what else they may be doing with them!!

nanc said...

cactusflower - ouuuuuchhhhhhhhh! did you get back on fpm kuhnkat? you're missing a show if not - eggnesto and flubberdub right off the track - so predictable.

Freedomnow said...


Thats like being on "Lets Make a Deal" and choosing curtain number two, 500 cans of pressed squid!!!

Another good reason not to go on a Jihad!!!!!

Solid Surfer said...

Oh, I see...I thought you had somehow gotten the story someone who was in jail and was just talking about hell metaphorically!.
guess I should have read it more carefully.

But that's a really good piece of fiction, although sadly it's all too real for too many misguided radical Muslims.

Freedomnow said...

There was a Jihadi who went to Iraq and was put through a similar situation to what I described in the story.

He was told to park a truck at a certain location and wait for someone to pick it up. As soon as he finished parking, his handlers blew up the truck with him inside.

Unfortunately for him, he survived and was horribly scarred. He was actually in the hospital for a few days until the police realized that he wasn’t a victim but the actual bomber. So they rushed into the hospital and whisked him away.

The bomber told his story on Iraqi TV and was royally pissed at his fellow Mujahideen. He was a sad and pitiful man.