Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Protest Success Stories

In the post "Another American Victory" we chatted about all of the successful US military operations in Iraq and the lack of diversity in success stories for Leftists and Islamists. To foster a spirit of equality with our loyal opposition I will dedicate this post to promoting some of their more spectacular operations. Thanks to Kuhnkat for his help.

Operation Oil Obsessive Compulsive

Operation Peace Thru Terrorism

Operation White Men are Hitler

Operation Enduring Surrender

Early in 2005 a website that has been used to issue statements from terrorist organizations released the picture of a toy soldier in an effort to pass it off as a real captured US soldier. It symbolizes how badly insurgents have fooled Congressman Murtha. He was quoted, "Please don't hurt the action figure"

Operation Support our Troops

US soldier Hassan Akbar was tried and convicted for the murder of two fellow soldiers during the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

Operation Yoga for Peace

Operation Respect Them for Diversity

Operation Totalitarian T-Shirt

In the end, its all garbage:


nanc said...

this is a fabulous way to start my day! i cannot believe my two did not warrant "honorable mention", but these are priceless. you do good work, fern. oh yeah, and kudos to kuhnkat - he'll be ALL puffed up now - we won't be able to contain him!

Freedomnow said...


You are always treated with honor here, otherwise you will give me a hard time. Kuhnkat just happened to have supernatural assistance with his contributions and weaseled his way into the hall of fame.

But please dont butter up Kuhnkat and get him started again. Otherwise he will be showing off about how he won some marathon or another...

nanc said...

meeeeeee, butter up to kuhnkat? or perhaps the ironman competition! of course then we'll be treated to an entire new photogalleria of him. he's not that bad to look at ;>)...

thank you for treating me honorably as i just got booted from fpm again and my ego is wounded. i tell you - they are being a bunch of hardnoses there lately. two times in one month - for someone as easy as i am to get along with...i don't get it!

GUYK said...

OUTSTANDING WORK! I take it all back- you are NOT hanging out at a gay bikers bar.

nanc said...

gay biker's bar?

is that a relative of the new gay cowboy movie?

i tell you, guyk and fern - bikers and cowboys are spinning in their graves with these new turns of events!

Freedomnow said...

Hell, they wont even let me in a gay bikers bar.

It must be my "Commies Arent Cool" shirt?....

nanc said...

fern, come out of your commie, gay, biker, cowboy mode and check the moonbat out at autonomist first article.

Freedomnow said...

Hey, I told you Nanc that your match making abilities were a failure.

You dont even have a plan for after the initial "conquering" is over with. Besides, I am quite incompatible with moonbats, but your intelligence covered that up (You lied and I cried).

I might as well make war not love.....

nanc said...

nonsense, i have a plan - and when the time is right, yeah, right - i, nancpants, am going to let you in on it.

you cry? i learn something new about you everyday!

a little war before the love is actually the best combo, you hear?

have you polished up the beer mugs for madze's next installment? well, belly up buddy boy!

Freedomnow said...

I'll be there, but I want a strawberry marguerita, thats my fave!!!!!!!!

(well second fave, my all time fav is an Apple Jack, but alotta bars dont serve them so I stopped asking a long time ago.)

nanc said...

try this if you like margueritas:

in a blender combine

2 cups eggnog

1/2 cup tekwilla


liquify until consistency of martuerita - pour into iced mugs and sprinkle with nutmeg and/or cinnamon - or just put a straw in the blender and drink the entawr thang bah yaself - this is the only time of the year you can get eggnog - hence, the only time i drink it - honest, it's gooooood.

nanc said...

oops "marguerita" and i haven't even had a thing to drink besides green tea today! oh and it's the most fattening drink in the world.

Freedomnow said...

Ya lost me on this one Nanc, I cant stand eggnog.

If you werent so busy doctoring CIA reports on my drinking habits you would have known that. Thats the problem with being a neo-con warmonger.

I just wish they would love us for our sensitive side, sigh....

Mad Zionist said...

Absolutely great stuff, Freedomnow. These photos are priceless!

nanc said...

i don't like eggnog either. but i do like tequila and it makes eggnog more than bearable. hell, it makes most things more bearable! lololololol !!!

Freedomnow said...

Then lets stick with margueritas, its safer that way!!!!!!!!!

MZ, I am glad you stopped by. Yoga for Peace is leading the fight against terrorism and war so they wanted me to promote their agenda, which may interest you.

They are willing to help Israel understand terrorism. Of course it will be necessary for a bit of sensitivity training beforehand. However, I have been told that the two fingered peace sign is as powerful against terrorists as a cross or holy water is to a vampire, if not more so.

We gotta talk business...

kuhnkat said...

Great post freedomnow. As you mention, my assistance MUST have been supernatural, but, I'll take the kudos anyway. I need all I can get with the names those lefties call me. I just can't understand. They SAY they are against hating and bigotry, but, they ALL JUMP RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF ME!!! And me being such a sweet loving kinda guy!!

I know, it is probably age bigotry. They just can't stand the idea that someone who has spent 45 years mostly reading might have picked up a thing or 2 during that time.

Hey, I prefer Long Islands myself. Quite yummy.

1 part Vodka
1 part Tequila
1 part Rum
1 part Gin
1 part Triple sec
1 splash Coca-Cola

Mixing instructions:
Mix ingredients together over ice in a glass. Pour into shaker and give ONE brisk shake. Pour back into glass without the ice and garnish with lemon.

Some use other ingredients but the coke already dilutes the solution too much. For a real kick add 6 parts everclear to balance the low octane stuff.

Freedomnow said...


Thanks for the recipe. In my younger dayz I used to buy those LI Ice Tea's in a can. I was young and foolish and those drinks tasted like aluminum tea (in desperation I would add a little rum sometimes). Where were you when I needed this recipe? You can never find a neo-con when you need one.

As for your problem with the Lefties, I would suggest that the next time you run a marathon you should let someone else win.

If you are always self-servant, the Libs will always hate you. Practice self-loathing and develop some empathy for terrorists, that should do the trick.

nanc said...

what about the moonshine, guys? you know they still make it here in this neck of the woods! yep and a pint jar (yes i said jar) costs about $15. i only know that because someone made us some and someone else offered us $15. for it and hey, a deal is a deal. of course, a pint jar of moonshine would last the average person a month!

kuhnkat said...


everclear is commercial moonshine. I believe it is 193 proof and is pretty much tasteless with no smell but the alcohol.

Doesn't modify the taste of anything you put into it!!

The kind of thing you want to keep away ffrom kids playing drinking games. (kids = 0-100)

Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah, and for Nanc, Joyous Kwanzaa!!

nanc said...

sooooo, what are you all doing for kwanzaaaaaa? hey, kuhnkat, does that mean no merry christmas or happy chanukah for nanc?

kuhnkat said...



I got a new Khaftan and am gonna put on my blackface and hang out in a couple bars where all a them colored folk hang out. Should be the BEST Kwanzaa I never had!!!

nanc said...

well, that's fine, but it was yesterday...today is just the day after kwanzaa...boxing day...and i must ask why you are being particularly hateful to me?

kuhnkat said...


Didn't I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Chanookah on a couple other blogs??

I apologise if I didn't.

So Happy New Year Nanc.

And Happy New Year to everyone who makes it here!!

nanc said...

happy new year fern, wherever you are!

and to you too, kuhnkat - stay away from the libs tonight! they seem to be lying low and will probably pounce close to midnight...