Friday, December 16, 2005

Bitter Irony

Bigotry is OK for Palestinians

I have been posting comments on the Madzionist's blog ever since the Moonbat Central blog closed shop. The regular commentators have a deep affection for one another and I enjoy it very much. Despite the fact that I have some disagreements with the tone of some of their arguments, we agree to disagree due to the common ground that we share.

Today there was a post about an Israeli that was recently killed by terrorists. The very first comment was from a “troll” who regularly visits the site to disrupt it. This comment depressed me to no end. I find it so typical of the sad Leftwing solidarity with terrorism that I had to post it on its own.

……Dana’s comment in regards to the Israeli father of five that was killed by terrorists:

“The Jew who was killed would be alive today if he were on the Israeli side of the Green Line instead of the Palestinian side.”


While Arab Muslims enjoy equal rights with their fellow Israeli citizens, Jews are subject to state endorsed bigotry and genocide throughout the Middle East.

How can human rights activists endorse such bigotry?


tazzmax said...

Freedomnow, these people are brain dead. From childhood, most of these people have been brainwashed with pc, leftist, commie garbage preached to them by their parents,teachers and profs. in college. They are programmed robots who cannot reason or think for themselves. I think most of them will go to their graves without ever changing.
It's a sad society we live in and I wonder how much longer it can survive.

Freedomnow said...

You know if I talked to Dana five years ago we would have been in complete agreement on everything.

Yet I don’t feel that I have changed at all. I still have the same beliefs.

Take religion, personally I have always felt that it is silly to believe in hocus pocus.

However, I never hated someone because they have strong beliefs (although I enjoy making fun of them, that’s different!!!). This intolerance is as bad as hating someone because of the color of their skin. And then some of these Christian haters show bias for Islam, despite the fact that Christianity is much more liberal.

Or look at abortion. I think a woman has the right to decide for herself.

But I'm not biased enough to accuse anti-abortion activists of being sexist because I don’t deny that the primary concern of these activists is the life of the unborn child.

One thing I can respect the right for is the consistency of its values. It stands in stark contrast to the hypocrisy of the Left.

I view Bush to be in the same political spectrum as Democrats, liberals and moderate Socialists, although he is in the right side of the spectrum (I actually believe Bush is liberal because he strongly believes in Democracy). On the other side are Marxists, Islamists and fascists. So I believe that the current anti-Bush hysteria is a senseless internal power struggle in the face of an aggressive common enemy.


kuhnkat said...

Freedomnow said:

"...So I believe that the current anti-Bush hysteria is a senseless internal power struggle in the face of an aggressive common enemy."

The lefties don't really care that Bush is killing people. They aren't that upset about the fact that he is trying to kill Islamofascists and their supporters. No, they just see a way to attack him and GET BACK IN POWER so they can continue turning America into a socilaist Dictatorship like all the countries whose Leaders they Idolise!!

Unfortunately all the "useful idiots" that flock to their call muddy this by quite a bit.

Freedomnow said...

Their strategy is to insinuate that the US is targeting civilians instead of terrorists.

Much like they the intentionally confuse US efforts to screen out terrorists trying to sneak into the US as an attack on all Muslims.

These underhanded strategies have alienated me a long time ago.

GUYK said...

I figure that it is not about the Iraeli Palestinian as it is anti American. I also figure that if the Bush administration went on record as dumping the Israelis in favor of the Palestinians the liberal left would change sides and dump the Palestinians. They will manage to rationalize it and the media will jump on the band wagon to support the Israel that Bush dumped. What ever it takes to bring the country to its knees so the socialist bastards can take over is what they will do.

Freedomnow said...

Anti-Americanism is the only thing that can bring together Marxists and Islamists at protests.

It is an alliance of convenience.

tazzmax said...

Bastards, all of them, we have more home grown enimies right here in America than we have in the rest of the world! They are liberals, demo-rats, and commies.
We are forced to fight them instead of the rest of the world!
How much longer can Rome exist with this kind of treason?

Freedomnow said...

Well Tazz that is one of the weaknesses of Democracy. If we accept the good that comes with Democracy, we have to accept the bad.

Democracy is particularly vulnerable to terrorism because of our free press and political freedom.

This also means that our country is safer against internal military revolt because the opposition has a strong voice. Therefore, they are not as inclined to choose violence as a means of expressing their dissent.

You will note that the prominent dissenters in this country are rich and famous. Fat assed Michael Moore or Capitalist Stock Market Guru Ralph Nader aren’t going to start the revolution any time soon.

Mad Zionist said...

Watch out, Freedomnow, the troll may seek your blog out next!

She's an absolutely ridiculous fool, totally out of touch with reality, does not get human nature at all, and has no common sense whatsoever.

In other words, she's a liberal.

Freedomnow said...

Interesting, liberals are losing their survival instincts...hmmm....

The little Chamberlains are trying to drag us down with them.