Thursday, December 15, 2005

Another American Victory

Iraqis turn out in high numbers for election

Protesters view the elections as a threat to their cause

The US and our Iraqi allies have scored another important victory with an estimated voter turnout of about 70%. In the 2004 US Presidential elections 60% of eligible voters turned out to vote and that was the highest voter turnout since 1968!!!

The advancement of the political process was given an added boost by the high turnout of Sunni voters, a surefire sign that the insurgency is weakening. The New York Times reported the following;

“Last time, if you voted, you died,” said Abdul Jabbar Mahdi, a Sunni Arab who brought his wife and three children to a polling station in the ordinarily tense neighborhood of Adamiya. “God willing, this election will lead to peace.”

To provide security for the elections US troops conducted dozens of highly successful offensive operations. The offensives were given flashy military names like Operation Iron Hammer, Operation Skinner and Operation Thunder Blitz (you gotta love their imagination). Violence in Iraq was down to 35 armed attacks nationwide, half the daily average. This is a big improvement especially because the January elections saw 300 attacks.

The US racks up yet another victory with this election. Other successes include the removal of the Baathist regime, the capture of most Baathist war criminals, the eviction of the al-Mahdi militia from Najaf, the retaking of Fallujah, the first free elections in Iraqi history and voter approval of the Constitution in last October’s referendum.

I would like to leave you with a quote from Howard Dean that was recently made on San Antonio’s WOAI radio station, “(the) idea that we’re going to win the war in Iraq is an idea which is just plain wrong.” ...No matter what Mr. Dean may say, he is very unhappy about this election.


Freedomnow said...

I have some suggestions for Operation names,

For the Leftwing Protestors,
"Operation Hug A Dictator"
"Operation Useful Idiot"

For the Democrats,
"Operation Raised Arms"
"Operation Patriot Retreat"

Wasnt it Howard Dean that spoke these immortal words when speaking to the Democratic Party faithful...

"They shall pass so that we shall rule."

kuhnkat said...

And wasn't it Howard Dean who also said:


Which is probably the most intelligent thing that he and the Dhimmicrats and the Peace Protesters have ever said??

Can I have a try on Operation Names??

For the protesters:

"Operation Kick A Patriot"
"Operation Smear Our Country for Jane"
"Operation Hold A Gun For A Jihadi"
"Operation Rent A Car For A Suicide Bomber"

And the Dhimmicrats:

"Operation Compromise Until You Have Nothing Left"
"Operation Act Like We Are French"
"Operation Respect Them For Diversity"

Freedomnow said...

I like "Operation Repect Them for Diversity".

Suicide bombers are the ultimate minority and they need protection just like any other ethnic group. Especially, since they are an ever shrinking minority.

I'm sad thinking about it, so I am going to put on my kaffiyeh to show some solidarity.

nanc said...

alright you two? i only have a couple and hope i'm not toooooo offensive:

the anti-christmas crowd:

"operation jack frost roasting on an open fire"

can't leave the gay crowd out:

"operation comeon i wanna blowya.........up"

Freedomnow said...

I just can't take you anwhere Nanc!!!!!

Operation Enduring Surrender

Operation Flip Flop You Dont Stop

Operation Appeasement is Equality

Operation Repeat Slogans Over and Over Until Your Lies Are Accepted Without Question as the Truth...

nanc said...

sure you can, fern!