Friday, December 19, 2014

Do The Dance

Race relations in the United States have nosed dived in the last decade. It is ironic that in the entire history of the United States African-Americans have never had the opportunities that they have now. To underscore this point we have elected our first black President. Why is this not enough?...

The Answer is clear, the militant Socialist ideology that lost the Cold War still fights on. Its blind followers are bitter over their loss.

There are many different brands of Socialism and other groups that are heavily influenced by Socialism. This includes Communists, Democratic Socialists, Anarchists and many more. They all have different goals, but when they view America they have one common purpose… to destroy the idea that America has any value without promoting some form of a militant Socialist agenda.

I am not asserting that these groups are united. A Stalinist is as liable to fight a Trotskyist as he or she would fight a Republican. In the Spanish Civil War the massacre of Anarchists by their Socialist allies marked the end of the fragile unity of the embattled Republic.

Ideologies that are heavily influenced by Socialism are compelled to have confrontational and intolerant relations with other activist groups. When such revolutionary groups seize power they become reactionaries with a revolutionary zeal (something along the lines of permanent revolution).

On the other hand, moderate Democratic Socialists are usually well-meaning activists who only hope to covertly use class warfare to undermine their Conservative enemies. They are committed to democratic representation, but encourage forces they cannot hope to control. The Occupy Movement and recent race rioting are prime examples.

No better lesson can found than the Iranian Revolution. Liberal and secular democracy activists were delusional in their alliance with the fanatical Islamists under Ayatollah Khomeini. After the fall of the Shah’s oppressive regime, they formed a new government uniting Leftist Democrats and Islamist Theocrats. In the end, many Leftists were betrayed, only to be executed and/or persecuted by their former Islamist allies.

I am not saying that Iranian dissidents were wrong to oppose the Shah. I am saying that Leftists are blind to the forces that they ally themselves to. In return for the short-term benefits of such alliances they unleash the destructive forces of anti-Americanism. Iran found itself with a far worse regime than the Shah’s dictatorship. Human rights abuses and regional instability dramatically increased.

A Divided Country

There is a very important rule that must be followed in order to learn how to love other people. You must love yourself before you can love anyone else. Yet our society has been slowly developing a pronounced self-loathing anti-American bias. We are commonly using terms that I was never familiar with before such as “white privilege” and “criming while white”.

The irony is that our President would have never been elected if he didn’t reject his white heritage. He most certainly wouldn’t have been elected if he married a white woman. When Obama pathetically stated, “if I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon”, he was doing what he has done for his whole life… promote his blackness and scorn his whiteness.

In the 21st Century it is permissible for our country to have a President who openly expresses a racial bias, as long as it is a socially acceptable form of self-loathing bigotry.

Four Holy Men and One President
“Hymietown” - Reverend Jesse Jackson, “Crackers” - Reverend Al Sharpton, “Typical White Person” - President Barack Obama, “The white race is a race of devils” - Minister Louis Farrakhan, “God Damn America” - Reverend Jeremiah Wright

This bigotry knows no limits. Black police officers face hatred because they are seen to be collaborating with whites. Former police officer, Noel Leader, wearily admits that black officers are despised by African Americans. He states, “We’re called things like Uncle Toms and traitors to our community”.

AP ran a story on the subject with the bizarre headline, “Black officers torn between duty and race”… The idea of race-traitors in the black community shows how deep such prejudice has become. Invariably, these articles write about how much police departments need to reach out to the black community, but no amount of reaching out will make a difference to irrational minds full of inflammatory hatred.

That brings us back to the premise of how this race war is an extension of the Cold War. Let’s take a look at an eye-opening example. Operation Infektion, a Soviet-bloc disinformation campaign from the 1980s that continues to reverberate today.

The KGB initiated the campaign with the assertion that the AIDS virus was a man-made creation of the US and was used as an ethnic weapon. They provided disinformation to a host of journalists and academics who fulfilled their roles as “useful idiots”.

However, the AIDS virus began to spread to the Soviet Union and the US refused to help Russia as long as they continued their disinformation campaign. So the government newspaper, Izvestia, officially rejected the conspiracy theory that the virus was man-made. After the fall of the Soviet Union the Russian intelligence agency (SVR) publicly admitted the role of the KGB in this affair, yet the idea has persisted to this day.

Our current President has been deeply influenced by this sort of propaganda. During the Presidential elections Obama’s mentor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, became a huge embarrassment. Obama needed the white vote because over 70% of the country’s population is white. He had to partially disown Rev Wright when the preacher stood by his accusation that, “The government lied about inventing the HIV virus as a means of genocide against people of color. Governments lie.”

A study in 2005 by Oregon State University revealed that nearly 50% of African Americans believe that AIDS was man-made.

This paranoia has also wounded South Africa were it is estimated that 343,000 deaths could have been prevented between 1999 and 2007. The government obstructed the treatment of AIDS patients out of fear of these conspiracies. Long after the end of the Soviet empire black communities continue to suffer from this race-baiting paranoia. They are collateral damage in the war against anti-Socialist America.

Modern McCarthyism

During the height of the Cold War Senator Joe McCarthy became infamous for his witch-hunt of Communists in the State Department and US military. While Operation Infektion shows how devious Communist espionage could be, McCarthy did serious damage to representative democracy and anti-Communism.

Look at the parallels. Socialism promises a simple solution to poverty, a problem that has never been solved in the history of humankind. In the process of implementation it attacks the most productive segment of society. The efforts to redistribute wealth cause more problems than it fixes.

McCarthyism operated on a similar basis. It attempted to fix a problem with no obvious solution by attempting to identify Communists in the US government. Senator McCarthy’s tactics were closer to Stalinism than any American ideology. It doesn’t matter if McCarthy was right about Communist subversion because his tactics led to false accusations against innocent people.

But today we suffer from a witch-hunt of another kind. Activists and the media hunt for racists. Like Communists, racists seek to suppress the rights of other citizens. This type of justification fuels many persecutions.

So ponder this… Senator McCarthy falsely accused Fred Fisher, a junior lawyer representing the US Army, of being a Communist. Fisher’s superior, Joseph Welch, famously retorted, “Let us not assassinate this lad further, Senator. You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir?”. Fisher was certainly leftwing, but there was no evidence that he had ever been a Communist.

Now in 2014 police officers are accused of being racist without any evidence at all. The reason two grand juries could not indict them was because there was NO evidence proving that they carried out their duties with criminal intent. In both cases they were confronted by aggressively violent men and in both cases they were almost overwhelmed by the hostile actions of men who happened to be black.

No racial slurs were uttered. No racial profiling was done. There is nothing connecting racism to these incidents, only the conspiracy theories of a well-oiled propaganda machine.

So when Rev Wright shouts “God Damn America”, demand to know what America did to him. He is a wealthy and privileged citizen thanks to his race-baiting church. Wright and others like him divide our country and enrich themselves at our expense. How many more cities have to burn before we put an end to this hatred?


-FJ said...

What does it REALLY mean to "love your neighbor"? Does it mean that you should impose your will upon him and force him to change? Well, if his actions are "dangerous" to his neighbors, then the answer is "yes". But when it comes to "cultural" or "racial" or "religious" originating behaviours, we currently pretend that that are intractable. Are they? Or are we simply too cowardly to address them?

-FJ said...

B;ood on de Blasio's hands today. Demagoguery has a price.

Freedomnow said...

They are addicted to a get-rich scheme called race-baiting.

The Police Officers Union is blasting Blasio. He is the American version of Red Ken Livingstone.

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A very Merry Christmas wish to you and yours, FN!

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so true my friend and look around you..there is lawlessness everywhere courtesy the haters in the WH and their lackies..UGH!
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Its the modern version of bread and circus. Instead of gladiators, police officers are given the thumbs down by the emperor.

I will visit your blog AOW to tell you the good news...

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