Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Irony Express

After Obama’s arrival in Saudi Arabia in his first stop of a trip designed to appease Islamist arrogance, CNN had this little tidbit for us:

Middle East expert Mamoun Fandy, (a senior fellow at the Baker Institute for Public Policy), said Muslims want more than talk; they want action.

They want to hear “that he is very serious about solving the Israeli-Arabian problem, that he is very serious about engaging the Muslim world on the basis of recognizing the equality,” Fandy said.

In addition to Saudi Arabia’s status as the most religiously segregated country on the planet, as well as being home to Wahhabism (the ideology that inspired Saudi Arabia to contribute the most suicide bombers to kill Americans)… Saudi Arabia (a Muslim country!) is also the country that the United States defended for over a decade against the aggression of Saddam Hussein.

So it’s a poor choice for the first stop on this trip.

Then Obama is off to another Muslim country, Egypt, a recipient of almost 60 billion dollars in U.S. aid since 1975. Oh, the oppression!

Enjoy the show. Lets HOPE that Muslims get the equality that they deserve when they take their wives and non-Muslim friends on their Hajj to Mecca.


beakerkin said...

The problem with Obama is he believes
with force of personality he can defy logic. He also is beholden to see cultures as different in the same nonjudgemental style familiar to Sociology students.

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I hope you had a great holiday weekend.