Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Veto Rides Again!

Yesterday’s failure by Vermont Democratic Party lawmakers to override a veto by their Governor cast an ominous shadow over today’s Troop Withdrawal Vote in Washington D.C. The Vermont vote was an effort by majority Democrats to slap substantial taxes on their local utilities, but they faced stiff opposition from their fellow party members. Evidently 11 Democrats felt that the CO2 Scare was not worth risking the bill’s adverse effects on Vermont’s economy or angering their constituents with higher energy bills.

So the stage was set for today’s vote in D.C. where Democrats want to set a withdrawal date for our troops in Iraq. The legislation was passed 223-201 in the House. This margin is nowhere near enough to override President Bush’s veto. Almost as importantly, the voting record has shown that the media’s focus on growing Republican opposition to President Bush was overblown. The Herald Tribune and Bloomberg both reported that only four Republicans backed the measure, three of whom co-sponsored the legislation to give it a false bi-partisan appearance. This is a common tactic which is used quite often by the Left.

Over the past week the press has been eagerly devoting massive amounts of coverage to the defection of a handful of Republicans who support a change in strategy in Iraq. The Democrats have eagerly helped promote these unbalanced news stories by getting those dissenting Republicans to co-sponsor the latest withdrawal bill.

Appearances are everything in these days of Al Qaeda and Baathist terrorism. The rhetoric is so high that the media ignores the fact that there is a bigger revolt in the Democratic Party than there is in the Republican Party. 10 Democrats voted against party lines and rejected the bill.

It just goes to show that it’s only a matter of what we focus on that decides popular opinion. If America united instead of fighting amongst ourselves the war would have been over already. Its not as if these years of divisive politics have occurred in a vacuum. Even the remotest corners of our planet have access to the worldwide media. Al Qaeda often cites current events like U.S. elections when releasing threatening videos and tape recordings. They know what John Kerry, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi say. It’s no secret!!! Jihadists around the world take heart from the political opportunism of the Democratic Party.

In this day and age its almost as if I cant accuse these “dissenters” of being unpatriotic because nothing short of waging civil war is considered unpatriotic. At least that means that our democracy is the strongest it has ever been. It’s amazing that we are so tolerant during wartime and I am encouraged by the greatness of our country. However, I still reserve the right to criticize these power hungry buffoons.


Right Truth said...

Count me in. It has always been American to speak out when we thing our elected officials are doing something wrong. They work for us don't they? Employers should always let their employees know when they are doing a good job, and when they are not.

Thanks for the great comments today at Right Truth. I was gone all afternoon and evening (it's 12:17 p.m.) You keep those guys in line! Good job. I really appreciate it. I like posting, and then I like to leave the debate to readers.

I appreciate it.

Right Truth

Anonymous said...

No, it's not unpatriotic to dissent during wartime anymore. But it still is pretty stupid.

Freedomnow said...


Thanks for your vote of confidence. When commentators like Fatima make valid observations I am more than happy to acknowledge them, but the vapid contrarian attitudes that most trolls display begs for correction.

Freedomnow said...


I guess it depends whether your primary loyalty lies to the Democratic Party or the country.

The Dems think that once they seize power then they can start supporting our war effort again from bases in the Gulf States.

What they dont plan for is the fact that the hunter will become the hunted. While the Conservative Gulf states dont suffer much from terrorism, there are still bombings from time to time. All you need is a handful of discontents because terrorism is cheap. It’s a low overhead business.

With a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, terrorists will become emboldened to evict us from all Muslim lands. It will become too expensive - politically, financially and in terms of human life - to continue to host American bases in their countries. We will be restricted to “rapid deployment bases” like South Korea, as Murtha accurately “misspoke”.

Iraq will naturally develop a government that is less willing to cooperate with us and will probably break down into chaos anyways, something along the lines of Somalia and Lebanon (but much, much worse). Our intelligence networks in Iraq will break down because no Iraqi would dare be seen as a collaborator. It wouldn’t make any sense to take such a great risk for such a flakey patron.

The Dem’s so called “strategic strikes” would be reduced to the same effectiveness as the floundering missile strikes of the Clinton Administration. In Sudan we destroyed a pharmaceutical factory that Clinton suspected of being involved in the manufacture of chemical weapons, but even to this day it is still unclear if it did or not –and– in Afghanistan we launched 75 cruise missiles on Al Qaeda training camps without making any strategic gains. I’m not saying that we were wrong for performing these strikes, the Afghanistan strike was definitely legitimate (I am not sure about the Sudan strike and I believe that we will probably never know the truth). The only reason that I am pointing out how ineffective the Clinton Administration was, is because it emphasizes how hard it is to conduct this type strategy.

Let’s cut the b.s. and call it what it is… The consequences for the success of the Democratic Party’s perpetual campaign to win a Democratic president by any means possible would be disaster for everyone except Al Qaeda and the Baathists.

WomanHonorThyself said...

yo Freedom!..another post so soon?..LOl..go u!
as far as this.... It’s amazing that we are so tolerant during wartime and I am encouraged by the greatness of our country. ...I think we are way too tolerant quite frankly..the NYTimes for sure has gotten soldiers killed and puts us in harms way my friend...awesome posting as always..
tango anyone?..grinz*

Freedomnow said...

Did you say tango?

Its time… the weekend is here!!!!!!!!!!


beakerkin said...

The link has been restored.

In Russet Shadows said...

Be careful there, Fern. Once the Fairness Doctrine kicks in, our days to dissent from the dissenters will be numbered.

Great catch about the numbers of Democrat defectors.

Freedomnow said...

Can we get the Fairness Doctrine to cover the entire media? I know the answer, but wouldnt that be more fair? Still a bit immature, but fairer than what our totatlitarian Socialists are trying to do now.

The number of Democratic Party defectors is out there in plain sight for anyone to see, but supporters of the Democratic Party hope that the public will be too dizzy from all of the baseless accusations that they make to fact check each one.

Quantity not quality is their motto.

Death to the Infidel Republicans!!!!!!!!!!!

Freedomnow said...

Hey Beaks Back!

I will get your link up right away.

Welcome back Kotter.

beakerkin said...

It was a silly fight the link with Nanc have been restored for a while. Greg acted on his threat and I am still standing.

The situation with MZ is beyond repair. Lets move forward, but learn from the past.

I have a few new resources you might enjoy. Check out the links at Dictators of the World. Some of the links are amazing such as this is Zimbabwe and he has a great Venezuela blog. He also has the Babalu blog for Cuba. I interviewed Henry Gomez of that site.

Freedomnow said...

Ohhhhhh thats fantastic!!!

"Dictators" even covers the Galloway story. Something that should get a lot more coverage, because he made a big deal about being innocent of benefiting from Saddam's oil for food program and now he is suspended from Parliament for one month in regards to his role in the scandal.

Great links.

Incognito said...

"If America united instead of fighting amongst ourselves the war would have been over already."

Deja Vu... same thing happened with Vietnam.

WomanHonorThyself said...

hiya Freeeeeeedom..ty for your insightful insights as always.was that redundant?..LOL

Mike's America said...

It's so very true that the war would likely be over and at less cost and loss of life if the American people presented a united front for victory.

The enemy takes full advantage of our disuinity, even appealing to Democrats by parroting their defeatist talking points.

And the primary driver behind that disunity is the "news" media that for some reason refuses to print any good news from Iraq but will take "news" of U.S. failure offered by the enemy and run it as fact.

Freedomnow said...

Oh... the media. Yeah, thats the terrorists' primary means of spreading their propaganda.

The media is just stuck in a rut of sensationalism and activism. Some journalists are "antiwar" and view their careers as a means to promote their politics. However, I think many just feel that the best way to get ahead in their career is to publish the most sensational and controversal stories. The completion of a school or the winning of an alliance with a new tribe or the eradication of a car bombing cell doesnt create as much excitement as a bombing that kills some unarmed civilians while they were shopping at an outdoor market.

It is obscenely cheap and easy for terrorists to gain "positive" news coverage.

Brad Marston said...


First of all, thank you for the comment about McCain, Down but not out.

One of the things that the Democrats and unfortunately an increasing number of Americans forget is that losing and/or losing the battle in Iraq will not somehow miraculously end the war against Radical Islam. They also tend to forget that Islamic teaching does allow for withdrawal or cessation of hostilities if it is clear that the Islamicists cannot win. We need to reinforce that type of thinking in their minds. There is no appeasing them.

Freedomnow said...

Osama bin Laden said, "we love death, like you love life".

There certainly isnt any appeasing that. As long as Al Qaeda is around they will be lovin' death.

Interesting enough the Baathists are on the verge of defeat in Iraq because many of their followers objected to Al Qaeda's ultraviolence and switched sides.

Now if we could get the media to understand that (or convince them that it is profitable to publicize the truth) there would be a huge change in the general public's perception of current events.

Anonymous said...

I just got back from the slumber party.
So I'll have to catch up a bit.


Freedomnow said...

It looks like the Democrats all night party accomplished nothing.

Captain's Quarters has the Scoop:

"...Instead of denying Reid a quorum, the Republicans showed up for the debate, perhaps charged up by John McCain's earlier speech on the floor. Once Reid figured out that the Republicans would not give him the satisfaction of walking out the door, he caved. In fact, Reid didn't even bother to attend his own No Snooze Until We Lose party after the first instruction motion, choosing to hit the sack instead while Republicans took the podium all night long."