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Peace in the Middle East

Why do terrorists and dictators benefit from almost 100% of the Peace Movement’s activities?

From Afghanistan -to- Israel Democracies are painted as the bad guys, while terrorists are either the victims or the lesser evil. There have been some anti-terrorist rallies by the Peace Movement, but the goals of those events have always been aimed at attacking Democracy.

1. SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 – Shortly after the 9/11 attacks I witnessed several vigils sponsored by leftwing groups that proclaimed to honor the memory of those who lost their lives in that senseless tragedy. The true purpose was to defend Osama bin Laden and prevent the US from destroying Al Qaeda’s headquarters in Afghanistan.

The following quote is from an open letter written by one of these activists, Carol Brouillet, of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom.

“Horrified as I was by the events of 9/11, I was more shocked by the words of the government and the media in the aftermath. The cries for war were deafening, and the evidence against the ‘terrorists’ seemed utterly fabricated, bizarre, and unbelievable (a passport floating unharmed out of the pocket of the highjacker on a domestic flight from that inferno to the streets of New York!).”

“…The government has clearly lied to the public and used this tragic event to push through repressive legislation which is utterly unconstitutional.”

From the very beginning such activists sought to blame the US for these attacks anyway they could. This led to a lucrative industry which sprung up to sell books and videos that accuse the American government of executing the 9/11 attacks.

2. MARCH 11, 2004 – The Madrid train bombings occurred several days before the Spanish election for Prime Minister. Millions of Spaniards protested against terrorism in the aftermath of the attack. However, many Peace Activists cleverly used the attacks to advance their political agenda. A huge peace protest was turned into a partisan political rally when the demonstrators conveniently made their way to the headquarters of the Popular Party to condemn them on the eve of the elections. Before the train bombings the Popular Party was heavily favored to win the elections and yet they lost due to Al Qaeda’s fiendishly timed attack.

On Election Day a video made by Al Qaeda stated that the attacks were revenge for Spain’s “collaboration with the criminals Bush and his allies”. The Spanish Socialist Party then won a surprise victory and eventually pulled out their troops from Iraq. It was Al Qaeda’s greatest political victory ever.

A Spanish peace protester wears a Palestinian keffiyeh scarf, the type used by PLO terrorists as the symbol of their militancy. This rally in the aftermath of the Madrid bombings was supposed to have been a protest against terrorism, yet this protester is showing solidarity with terrorism.

The Diversity of the Left

I can’t remember the Peace Movement ever holding a march to support Israeli civilians that were victimized by terrorism. However, I have seen them protest against the commemoration of such victims.

On January 29, 2004 a civilian bus in Jerusalem was bombed by a Palestinian terrorist with the loss of 11 lives and 50 wounded. The burned out shell of Jerusalem Bus 19 was displayed on a tour across the US. I went to pay my respects when it arrived in the city of Temecula, California. There were just a few Peace Protesters at the memorial. They were careful enough to stay away from a mob of Palestinian militants who callously praised the Intifada and attempted to drown out the speakers at the event.

One of the Peaceniks told me that a rally honoring the victims of Palestinian terrorism is “too one-sided” (this was a common theme, even among the Palestinians). That’s really strange. Where is the diversity of opinion at anti-Israeli protests? As a response perhaps affirmative action measures should be taken to ensure that all anti-Israeli protests are composed of 50% pro-Israeli supporters.

Such accusations of “one-sidedness” can only come from blind arrogance. How else can the irony of what he said escape him?

Although the Peace Activists kept a little distance between themselves and the Palestinian hecklers, I couldn’t imagine how they could justify protesting against this memorial while these Palestinians were claiming that the Jewish civilians killed on Bus #19 were not innocent victims.

Land for Peace

When Israel disengaged from the Gaza Strip the Peace Movement did not waste too much time praising Israel’s olive branch. While even the Palestinian Authority gave the Disengagement Plan some moderate praise, the majority of the Peace Movement condemned it.

They found it more attractive to paint the disengagement as some sort of “unilateral” act motivated by all kinds of bad intentions. This was despite the fact that it was a complete withdrawal without any conditions.

A curious article entitled, “The Israeli Elections: A Decisive Vote for Apartheid” was published in the CounterPunch online newsletter and really caught my eye. It stated the following,

“In the 2006 Knesset elections, Israelis have indeed overwhelmingly voted for “disengagement”, not from the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), but only from the Palestinians -- whether in Israel, in the OPT or in exile. Palestinian lands are clearly precluded from this disengagement. An objective examination of the election results and the political platforms of the parties represented in the new Israeli parliament will show that the celebration of the “shift to peace and realism” by Western and Israeli media pundits alike is not only unwarranted but quite deceptive as well. If anything, an avid adoption of the right’s agenda has taken place.”

While Barghouti accuses Israel of being an Apartheid state, it is ironic that no Jews are able to live in Palestinian controlled territories. In 1973, Jordan passed the “Law for Preventing the Sale of Immoveable Property to the Enemy”. This legislation made it a capital offense to sell property to a Jew. During a time of relative peace after the finalization of the Oslo Accords and before the second Intifada, Yasser Arafat was credited with this quote. “Our law is a Jordanian law that we inherited, which applies to both the West Bank and Gaza, and sets the death penalty for those who sell land to Israelis...We are talking about a few traitors, and we shall implement against them what is written in the law books.” (Yediot Ahronot – May 21, 1997)

Only in the Muslim world could a property crime be a capital offense.

Only in the Muslim world could anti-Semitism be legalized.

…I challenge any Peace Activist to find a comparable Israeli law.

The Peace Movement has clearly betrayed the peace process. Under the Oslo Accords Israel gave the PLO and Hamas many concessions and got an unprovoked Intifada as thanks. Then in the middle of a bitter conflict Israel made a sincere peace gesture by completely withdrawing from the Gaza Strip. The response from Western Leftists was outrageous slander and scorn.

When Hamas won a massive electoral victory in January, the true intentions of the Palestinian people became clear enough for anyone to see. The Palestinians interpreted this Israeli peace offering as a sign of weakness and a vindication of their brutal tactics. So Hamas used the Israeli withdrawal to fire Qassam rockets from evacuated Jewish settlements like Dugit in order to reach farther into Israel than ever before. They eventually escalated to direct military attacks. All of this was done with the blessing of the Peace Movement.

On May 25, 2000 Israeli troops withdrew from Southern Lebanon. After the withdrawal Hezbollah continued to attack Israel even though the UN recognized this action as a complete Israeli withdrawal from Hezbollah’s homeland of Lebanon. Today Hezbollah continues to act as a sovereign nation that can independently wage war. Like Hamas they are not interested in peace and even a total victory does not satisfy them.

This is another reason why after 80+ years of bloodshed the people of Israel don’t believe their enemies want peace. The failure of the Peace Movement to support these Israeli peace initiatives has proven that they lack a dedication to their self-professed ideals. Instead they support a wave of Muslim anti-Semitism that has lasted almost a century. This was a wave of violence that saw the Holocaust come and go. In Palestine, Iraq and Yugoslavia Muslim militants assisted the Nazis as best as they could. Against all odds the Jews have survived and prospered. It’s no small wonder that they are fighting to win. After all, any peaceful concessions on their part are answered with more violence from their enemies.

As long as militant Arabs believe that they can kill or evict every Jew in the Middle East there will never be peace. Unfortunately for them, the Israelis are not easy to kill and they aren’t going anywhere.

Peace thru Hezbollah (Pace = Peace in Italian)


kev said...

You seem to be searching for the logic of "peace activists" supporting terrorists, but there is none. First of all, I think we have to recognize that "peace movement" is a misnomer. Generally speaking, they are not peaceful, the use of violence, including bombing, is not an unfamiliar tactic with them, and they never protested any of clinton's warlike efforts, including his sending troops to kosovo and mogadishu (perhaps because he never really went after real terrorists who threatened our country). They are simply dyed-in-the-wool leftists, almost all democrats, and have no problem associating with and working with communist, marxist, and other radical groups. Their agenda is purely political and the only diversity among them is in the degree of radicalism. Any group can pick a name by which they want to be known, and the aclu is a good example. The only word in that name that rings true is "union." There is nothing "American" about them, and most of what I've seen them doing is taking liberties away from people. Once these so-called "peace" groups are recognized for what they really are, left-wing political pressure groups, then what they do and whom they support, in this case terrorists, becomes logical.

nanc said...

fern - o.t. - new zombie stuff:


i'll be back later to read your article.

Freedomnow said...


The logic of Peace Activism does not allude me. I merely left out that topic for another post. For now I just want to point out the the Peace Movement is partisan in favor of terrorists and dictators.

To discuss why that is would be hard to document in anything less than a book.

Thanks for pointing out Zombietime's post Nanc. Zombie doesnt put much out but we are talking quality over quantity here.

Greg said...

Freedomnow: thanks for taking the time to inquire about my health. I was taken to the emergency room from work recently. It turns out I have stones in my kidney. Also,I'm still suffering from virus-like symptoms. I've been working this whole time, though. I'd like to post more on my site but my computer is not working well(the screen that is) and we're getting it fixed. The one we have in the meantime is real crappy so I'm having a hard time using the computer.

I really appreciate your concern,


Always On Watch said...

The following quote is from an open letter written by one of these activists, Carol Brouillet, of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom.

“Horrified as I was by the events of 9/11, I was more shocked by the words of the government and the media in the aftermath.

Gag! What a moron to say such a thing! And a traitor as well.

Today Hezbollah continues to act as a sovereign nation that can independently wage war. Like Hamas they are not interested in peace and even a total victory does not satisfy them....

As long as militant Arabs believe that they can kill or evict every Jew in the Middle East there will never be peace.

Those militant Arabs are using the Koran as their military manual. The peaceful Meccan verses were abrogated by the later Medinan verses. IMO, that's why we see widespread support, both overt and tacit, for terrorist organizations and jihad.

And, FN, excellent graphic at the top! No doubt, such was the very thought of Arafat.

Freedomnow said...

What? Do you think that just because Arafat was hoarding US finanical aid and using the Oslo Accords as a springboard for his Intifada, that he was insincere?

Perish the thought!!!!!!!!

Don Miguel said...

Love the photo!

beakerkin said...

Freedom Now

I believe Henri Bernaerd Levi said " there is more anticapitalism
then peace behind the peace marches"

Greg said...

Freedom Now: I've finally read and reread your post and am very impressed. Living here it is hard to imagine that there are Americans out there who realize the truth so much better than most of my countrymen. Though most Israelis are in favor of the recent offensive in Lebanon, many are very skeptical it will achieve any long-sought strategical goals or quell Hezbollah's offensive against our Northern towns.

Kudos on this post...You trully amaze me with your understanding of the situation here!

Freedomnow said...

Thanks for the kind words Greg.

Israel has a history as a Socialist/Liberal* country and would have been a leader in "Progressive" issues if it wasnt for the vicious attacks it has suffered from Western Liberals.

The alliance of Western Liberals with Islamists is also disturbing and ultimately self-defeating.


Like some Israelis I am also skeptical that Israel will achieve all of its goals. However, I am looking for a humiliation of Hezbollah that will demonstrate the resolve of Democracies against its fascist enemies.

The myth of the invincibility of modern terrorists needs to be destroyed like the myth of Nazi military invincibility during WWII.

* Liberal in the American definition

Freedomnow said...


Its funny that the anti-Capitalists are so against Globalization, which could be the pathway to helping the Third World economies modernize.

I dont like the idea of Capitalism either, but it works. You dont have to like things like fire and electricity to use them. Even China and Vietnam have seen the light. Most Leftists just prefer victimhood and cant stand the idea of conservatives being right about anything.

Cookie..... said...

Excellent post Amigo...very informative and an interesting read. GREAT LEAD OFF PICTURE!....where in hell did you get that....? Y'all got it right about "Suckers"........

Freedomnow said...

I cant remember where I got the picture. I used Ask.com or Google.com

Freedomnow said...

Don Miguel,

I havent seen you for a while.


Greg said...

FreedomNow: as you know, I've linked to your post. I apologize for not having consulted you in advance and will do so in the future.

Freedomnow said...

Greg, the link is compliment.

No worries, homie!

beakerkin said...

Freedom Now

There is nothing peaceful about peace " activists" except when they leave. The leaders of these movements are dedicated Communists wh use these protests and those of illegal aliens to inflate their power.

Freedomnow said...

While Communists make up a large part of the Peace Movement, a large percentage is also composed of Liberal Socialists who are impossibly naive.

Even though Socialists are inspired by Communism they are not the same. Their beliefs are a mix of Communism and Democracy (OK, Republican govt).

I'm not saying that I like their theories, but there is a difference.

However, there is no doubt that they are allied with Communists in their "struggle" ("My Struggle" Mein Kampf!!!!!!)

Russet Shadows said...

The root of peace activism is a theological disease called Causism, where people seek the next high and the next by participating in whatever adrenaline-producing rebellious causes they can join. This gives them meaning, direction, and a sense of belonging as a persecuted minority. It's all brought on themselves and largely fantasy, but it can have some real-world effects. Those who broadcast these rallies and judiciously crop photos and supply headlines are more guilty by far -- they and the PR men raising money by portraying these associated groups as voice of truth.

Freedomnow said...

Hey, we both portray our voices as the truth...

But who is the problem?;

The US


Al Qaeda, the Taliban and Iraqi Baathists?

Leftists obviously have access to shitloads of crack cocaine that they distribute to their masses.

Greg said...

...and since they're distributing crackloads of crack cocaine, sometimes(who am I kidding here!?) they get quite a bit disfunctional.

(I guess I'm not kidding anybody so I'll just say it...)

They're disfunctional about 99% of the time they spend wasting they're time on this planet.

I'll be posting on the ceasefire agreement shortly.

Kudos on the post once again!

Freedomnow said...

I look forward to hearing an Israeli's point of view.

Greg said...

freedomnow: and I always look forward to hearing a clear-minded, brave, outspoken intellectual's point of view, may G-d be with you!

Oh, and what's with the Italian dude parading the gay/pace flag???

Freedomnow said...

That rainbow peace dude was marching in an anti-Israel protest arm-in-arm with Hezbollah supporters.

I got news for him. Those Hezbollah fellas have a plan all laid out for the rainbow-loving sect. Its called Islamic religious law.

This will be the means that Hezbollah will use to spread peace for all heterosexual Muslims.

Peace for everyone else is the peace of the grave. I hope he enjoys the solitude...

Greg said...

he should get the news straight from right-hand pitching Freedomnow!!!