Friday, March 10, 2006

Tom Fox Is Mourned

Tom Fox, an innocent American civilian, was found murdered this morning in Iraq. He was among four Christian peace activists that were kidnapped last year. A video shown last week on Al-Jazeera featured only three of the four hostages. The fact that Mr. Fox was missing caused a great deal of concern.

The day before he was kidnapped he wrote, “As I survey the landscape here in Iraq, dehumanization seems to be the operative means of relating to each other. U.S. forces in their quest to hunt down and kill “terrorists” are as a result of this dehumanizing word, not only killing “terrorists”, but also killing innocent Iraqis: men, women and children in the various towns and villages.”

This was quite an unfortunate and ironic turn of events. Human Rights activists are frequently targeted by insurgents in Iraq. Here is a short list of a few of these activists that were intentionally killed by Iraqi terrorists; Mohammed Adnan, Ali al-Shamaa, Sergio Vieira de Mello, Margaret Hassan, Arthur C. Helton, Fern L. Holland, Khalil Ibrahim, Abu Karar and Marla Ruzicka.

Iraqi terrorists also favor the targeting of foreign civilians (as well as Iraqi civilians). Here is a very incomplete list of foreign civilians that were deliberately murdered; Ihab al-Sherif, Eugene Armstrong, Enzo Baldoni, Nicholas Berg, Kenneth Bigley, William Bradley, Jean Dover Elliott, Larry Elliott, Jack Hensley, Ivailo Kepov, Shosei Koda, Dalibor Lazarevski, Gregori Lazov, Dragan Markovic, David McDonnall, Zoran Naskovski, Fabrizio Quattrocchi, Akihiko Saito, Ronald Schulz, Salvatore Santoro, Kim Sun-il, Steven Vincent and Karen Denise Watson.

There have been approximately 200 foreign civilians taken hostage in Iraq and hundreds more Iraqi civilians. These killings and kidnappings produce the publicity that Iraqi terrorists need. Inevitably, the US is blamed for all of these atrocities. That is why they continue their campaign of brutality, because it works... Not because they are oppressed.

Tom Fox was a brave man. I commend him for his humanitarianism. He went to Iraq to help the Iraqi people and to oppose the US occupation. However, the US treated him humanely while the people he went to protect killed him. If you learn anything from this, please learn that you shouldn’t be a lemming.


GUYK said...

The man died because of terminal stupidity. If we have learned anything from this it is that the terrorist ragheads would as soon kill you as they had anyone else. They have no problems killing Israeli children in school buses. They think that they will get 72 virings if they blow themselves up taking out some fellow Muslims with them on a Baghdad street. When an American goes to a war zone to protest against US troops and gets killed by the same people that he is trying top help I call it poetic justice. I do feel sorry for his family that must be suffering from a needless death in the family. But, then again I may nominate the man for this years Darwin Award.

Mad Zionist said...

Lemming is right. What fools.

Freedomnow said...


There are a coupla' ways we can look at the term raghead.

For me to object to the term could be viewed as appeasement or not.

The fact is that al Qaeda is trying to provoke a war between Christianity and Islam. Its not a smart move on their part, but it would cause a lot more bloodshed on both sides. This scenario would be a disaster for both parties.

It is also true that Islam is the most primitive religion on this planet and many terrorists groups commit acts of violence in its name.

However, knowing our enemy's objective suggests that it would be prudent to sabatoge their campaign by encouraging the growth of Muslims allied to the US.

1. There are already Sunni Kurds and Kuwaitis on our side.

2. There are many Iraqis that are grateful to the US for removing Saddam from power.

3. American Muslims are mostly content with their citizenship in our country.

It is not an impossible goal.

Democrats have allowed their party to cater to a small minority of anti-American activists and have suffered for it.

We should learn from their example.

Freedomnow said...

The article, "Is the “Resistance” Legitimate? - Part III" has been delayed until next week.

Like the first two parts Part 3 is labor intensive and I had some other quick articles that I had to get off my chest.

I do not have enough time to blog and I am still fighting for an eight day long week. How's about a Nanc-like two-day work week to go with that?

The eighth day can be called, "Freedomnowday", .....ummm maybe not?

nanc said...

this is my ONLY day off whether i work outside of the house or not - it's full time for me come summer, fern...they found an office. it will allow me to call my now home, my weekend and summer home...i'm not feeling very snooty about it! besides, you know you need TWO extra days!

we survived the tornados here last night, but my husband's area didn't fare so well - there were 78 tornados as of my last count sunday night before i had to turn everything off.

Freedomnow said...

OK we can have a 9-day week. The ninth will be Nancday (that has a bit of a ring to it).

Congrats on your new summer home. To bad the show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous isnt on the air anymore.

nanc said...

i am not rich, nor famous and my home is an unfinished cabin! i love it here and don't want a new home during the week - that is the only downfall. my husband said he is going to make a bid on one on two acres. i hate being a land baroness...and i haven't figured out if we're land rich or land poor...

Freedomnow said...

Just dont hurt the chickens!!!

nanc said...

it's the dead dog walking who harms the chickens - i love my birds! five of them know their names and come to me when i call them.

funny, but true story - we were at our favorite pet store and there was this big green parrot named "gabby" who likes to crawl all over me so i had him on my shoulder and he was trying to take my sunglasses off, grooming my hair, trying to roll my cuffs on my sleeves down, all the while talking to me. my husband came up and said, "hey, gabby!" and stuck his hand out for gabby to crawl onto him - gabby grabbed his index finger (right about my ear level), chomped down as my husband jerked his hand away, finger bleeding and cursing - gabby looked at him and said, "sorry...sorry..."

the owner of the store dropped the price several hundred dollars if we'd take gabby home - yeah, like we want a bird like that! i already have a 20 pound turken named birdzilla who doesn't like my husband.

funny thing is - my husband is the likable person of the two of us!

Freedomnow said...

I am going to resist the urge to call you the Bird Woman of Arkansas.

Lets just say that you are a rough and ready cowgirl with the talent to break the most wild bronco-turkeys....

nanc said...

well, i do have a bull!

beakerkin said...

I want to point out the missing point in this story. Fox was traveling with 19 Palestinians. Where are they right now ? My guess is they sold Fox for cash