Thursday, March 30, 2006


Rather than set another deadline for a third time the so called, “The Brigades of Vengeance”, released their hostage Jill Carroll. All they got for their trouble is bad publicity for the insurgency. Anyone that still supports the “resistance” is obviously detached from reality.

Many people ask, “if America was invaded wouldn’t you resist occupation?” I would say maybe, but it depends on the circumstances.

Let’s say I am a German and my country attacks the whole of Europe, but a world-wide coalition led by the US kicks my country’s ass. Under these circumstances would I support a terrorist insurgency that kidnaps, beheads and slaughters innocent civilians? I should hope not, but if I did I would be dead wrong.

Anyone who asks such a thoughtless question has a lot to think about. Right about now would be a good time to start.

Now it is time to condemn these terrorist tactics and demand that all hostages be released unconditionally. No cause is righteous enough to justify these tactics.


nanc said...

your new friend plucky is beckoning for you at always on watch - what a sniveler - thanks for never sniveling, fern. i'm happy for your jill. have a great weekend if i don't see you out and about.

Freedomnow said...

Ducky is a smart guy but he isnt as smart as he thinks. He thinks that he is somehow superior to everyone.

His arrogance makes it like shooting ducks in a pond.

There are 5 American hostages still missing (that I know of), but 4 of them havent been heard from since 2004 and are feared dead. The other one hasnt been heard from in almost a year.

These kidnappers/beheaders are sick people and the Duckies of this world just empower them.

Always On Watch said...

I think that most people have forgotten about these hostages, or have written them off.

BTW, Freedom Now, I'm going to add your link to my blog. I know that you've been doing battle at my site today. Thanks!

nanc said...

aow = aok! my work for the weekend is done, fern - where would you like those curtains?

Freedomnow said...

Your obsession with curtains becomes you. Perhaps you should dump your oppressive job and become a self-employed interior decorator?


Thanks for the visit. You will find that I am a gracious host but if Nanc misbehaves one more time its curtains for her!!!

nanc said...

oppressive? i get to have a fling with the boss! that's right - i'm going to let my husband be the boss! it's curtains for him...

don't tell anybody, but i don't have a curtain in my house - tons of windows, no curtains - the curtains are specially for you!

aow - he is certainly gracious and to that i will swear. you'll find fern to be one of your new favorites - he's one of the first places i go upon awakening. right after the...but not before my coffee! say good night gracie.

Freedomnow said...

Oh geez, you embarrassed me again!!!

Anyways, I am surprised that this time around no one mentioned Carroll's anti-US sentiment.

In reply I would say that her own support of the terrorists who kidnapped her is nothing but Stockholm Syndrome in overdrive.

The Syndrome was coined because of a botched bank robbery in Sweden in which the robbers held the customers hostage. Upon release many of the hostages were angry at the police (not the hostage takers) and one of them actually married her kidnapper.

Carroll was already in sympathy with the insurgency before being kidnapped. Imagine if the bank customers in Stockholm were already in sympathy with bank robbers before being held hostage!

Fortunately, Carroll wasnt killed like Tom Fox. I am glad that Carroll is free and I am glad that she is also free to bad mouth the US (while dressed in Muslim garb).

It only proves the tolerance of my country.

nanc said...

i'm not going to mention stockholm syndrome once. at least we now know where she stands and can pick on her in other ways!

Freedomnow said...

I was wrong!!!!!!!!! Yipppeee!!!!!!!

Jill Carroll was released in front of the office of the Sunni Iraqi Islamic Party. This is where she was filmed making anti-American statements during an interview.

Leftwing and Islamist bloggers celebrated her comments like, "I think the mujahedeen are very smart and even with all the technology and all the people that the American army has here, they still are better at knowing how to live and work here, more clever."

Now that Carroll is no longer in the custody of the Iraqi Islamic Party she has revealed that she still felt threatened in their office and did not speak freely.

She was used as a tool by the terrorists and their "peace" movement defenders.

nanc said...

i love to see my men excited...

nanc said...

this just for you, fern:,3566,190162,00.html

sometimes we must say things out of fear for our lives; i'm glad jill has her head on straight.

Freedomnow said...

Thanks for the link

Jill has first hand experience on how terrorists seek to manipulate the press.

In the past they have attacked the offices of Al-Jazeera's competitor, Al Arabiya, for alleged pro-western reporting (of course anyone that doesnt denounce the US as war criminals is pro-western in their eyes).

I will be briefly mentioning that in a monster of a post that I hope to finish by tomorrow.


nanc said...

soooooooooo, what have you been up to today, fern?

Freedomnow said...

I added a secret comment. It is in a slightly older post, see if you can find it!!!

nanc said...

when are you going to start paying child support so i can send the children to private school?

nanc said...

i suppose you were just trying to keep me busy for five or so minutes - always thinking about others!

Freedomnow said...

Keep you busy? Geez with your busy work week it would be hard to add anything new.

Working once or twice a week has got to cramp your lifestyle...

nanc said...

actually, monday is my ONLY day off - you should know you are one of the highlights of my week!

my new office will be ready by the fourth week of may and that is when i begin working for REAL wages. one of my demands is that i have my own p.c. so i can continue to keep track of my www friends - i'm taking that in lieu of two big bonuses a year. but hey, you're worth it fern!

nanc said...

p.s. i caught you ripping duck hiney today - you the man!

Freedomnow said...

Its Brownie's turn now. The guy says the most ignorant things. He is a line-them-up-against-the-wall kind of Socialist.

Long Live Che!!!!


Always On Watch said...

I just saw this a few hours ago. You may already have seen it, but I'm passing it along to you, just in case you haven't.

nanc said...

yikes fern! aow has shut the door on jill carroll.

as for brownieboy - he's unable to be humiliated, but good luck anyway. have you been to his site? you cannot even comment there.

Freedomnow said...


Thanks for the link. I dont care whos side she is on, she was a victim of terrorism and deserves sympathy for it. She may have been released due to her views or not, but she was definitely held against her will.

Besides, judging from her statements she had to change her views just a notch, . That is a small step for reporter-kind.


Brown is a hardcore communist, I have spent alot of time on his site so I can understand where he is coming from. You are absolutely correct, he has no shame and I dont expect him to.


nanc said...

he hates me, fern. he has so much hate for everybody it's killing HIM - that's what hate does.

good mornin' - i'm off to work today!

Gayle said...

Is it okay to interrupt this conversation? :)

I was very relieved to find out that Jill Caroll is not telling us all how extremely nice her captors were to her. I halfway expected that, and I, like you, am so happy to have been wrong, and a bit ashamed that I was so suspicious.
It's hard not to be suspicious these days though.

Freedomnow said...


When Carroll made her first statement she was free of captivity so as far as it looked she was speaking of her own freewill.

The fact that she still felt threatened at the leading Sunni party office indicates that the Sunnis still havent fully embraced democracy and harbor insurgent sympathies.

It is ironic since this particular group was persecuted by Saddam during his reign, but now they have thrown in their towel with their fellow Sunni fascists. Its a pity, but not surprising.


If needs be you should probably take a long siesta during lunch to cushion your hectic schedule.

I think you can handle Brownie boy with both hands tied behind your back.

nanc said...

fern, i wish more people would alphabetize their links - fcol - last night i accidentally ended up at big bubba's! don't know how i got there. if others only had your feng shuiayness! i think i may have told brownieboy i'd pray for him awhile back and it scared him so he doesn't mess too much with me anymore, even when i mess with him. try it sometime even if you don't mean it.

nanc said...

f.y.i. - orangeducks has posted a great article at autonomist on his lifestyle.

Jeff Bargholz said...

If Uncle Saddam ruled America I would BEG other countries to invade us.

The vast majority of Iraqis want the US troops to stay in their country until they're able to secure it for themselves. Leftists need to stop thinking for other people. The Iraqis and US soldiers they pretend to care about strongly disagree with them.

Leftists hate their own country to one degree or another. It really is that simple. Nobody who "loves" their country and is "patriotic" wants to change it beyond recognition. Nobody who honestly supports freedom and human rights can oppose the overthrow of a brutal dictator such as Hussein, or the Mad Mullahs in Iran. Nobody who values civilization can defend the death cult of islam. Leftists do all of these things because they hate their own country, its culture and most of its people. To one degree or another.