Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Forget Me Not

A deadline set by Jill Carroll’s kidnappers has expired without any word from them. Jill Carroll is in my thoughts and I hope that her abductors can find the humanity to free this innocent woman.

The kidnapping of Carroll is yet another injustice, in a long line of such injustices, committed by Iraqi insurgents against civilians and reporters. After the bombing of the Golden Mosque in Samarra and other attacks on Shiites, the insurgents are losing all legitimacy in the eyes of its former supporters.

There is no option for Jill Carroll’s kidnappers, but to release her. The other option will discredit their movement beyond redemption. For far too long Iraqi insurgents have been waging a bloodthirsty war against civilians, Shiites and journalists like Jill Carroll.

On February 23rd Atwar Bahjat, a reporter for the Al-Arabiya news channel (an Arab owned competitor to Al Jazeera), was brutally assassinated along with two co-workers while reporting on the mosque bombing. Insurgents are reliant on the press to publicize their activities. If the press becomes hostile to them, how will they continue to release their propaganda?

Attacks on the press are self-defeating and the kidnappers of Jill Carroll have no choice but to release her.

Is this how insurgents plan to win the war in Iraq? By attacking fellow Muslims and innocent civilians? Are they too weak to fight the Americans?


beakerkin said...

Do notice an Italian Communist female journalist was promptly released and then blamed the USA.

Freedomnow said...

I have no misconceptions and I realize that if Carroll is released she may do the same thing.

However, what was done to her and the Commie you mentioned was wrong and should be condemned.

If Jill Carroll comes out of this spewing anti-American rhetoric I will condemn her for that as well, but as long as she is a victim I will support her or any Commie regardless of their views.

It is important to be better than your enemy. Both morally and militarily.